What to do when you have a video conference interview

Tuesday, January 10 2012

Conducting interviews through video conferencing is becoming a viable option for businesses looking to cut travel costs. Instead of requiring prospective employees to travel to meet interviewers or paying for airfare to bring individuals to their location, companies are using web conferencing technology to meet with applicants online. When interviewing remotely, there are some things interviewers and candidates should be keep in mind.

Interviewees should be prepared for the conference. This includes having a resume on hand as well as setting up an area for the meeting to take place. 

The person being interviewed should make sure their equipment is working properly and test different environments to find a good place for the meeting such as a room with minimal background noise.

Similar standards apply for in-person and video conference interviews. Hiring managers expect applicants to dress to impress even though they are at home and it's just as important to make eye contact and use body language to signal visual cues. 

Businesses that are exploring budget-trimming options might consider investing in video conferencing services like MegaMeeting. These services make it easy for applicants to connect with interviewers because they are 100 percent browser-based and run on multiple platforms, so users have one less thing to worry about before the meeting.