What windows to open before a video interview

Thursday, July 11 2013

Many recruiters use video conferencing technology to conduct interviews with applicants. The software allows hiring managers to easily speak with dozens of candidates from around the world and choose the best ones to bring aboard.

For job seekers, digital interviews can be challenging. In-person discussions are nerve wracking, but it can be even more worrisome to think about how they appear on camera to remote recruiters. There are a few best practices that interviewees should adhere to, such as dressing as if they were participating in a live meeting.

A common issue that job seekers run into is what to have on their screen during the actual interview. Besides the recruiter's window, the Houston Chronicle recommends having a resume, references and email application open at all times. An interviewer may ask you about specific details from your work history or something you mentioned in an email chain. As a result, you'll appear unprepared if you aren't able to respond knowledgeably because you don't have the actual file right in front of you. Keep these three windows open during your video interview so you can land your dream job.