When to distribute webinar materials

Tuesday, October 30 2012

There are many different steps to using webinar software effectively. Some of these practices include rehearsing talking points and syncing visual materials with key discussion points. There are some preparations presenters can undertake to make digital conferences even more beneficial to all parties involved.

Distributing supplemental materials in advance of a webinar can ultimately make the entire endeavor more fruitful. This gives participants more time to read information so they can focus on presentations without having to scramble to find key data. It also allows them to think of questions so they have an opportunity to address every concern.

If audience members can go over information beforehand, that's also less time that presenters have to dedicate to discussing basic talking points. This means more of the webinar can focus on specific details and questions that may require more time to resolve.

Ultimately, it's up to a webinar's host to decide when materials should be given to the audience. There are benefits to handing them out before conferences begin, but some may feel it's best to let an audience hear pertinent data before reading it.