Why a video conference is better

Tuesday, February 7 2012

In the brick-and-mortar days of running  a business, meetings with business affiliates were meant to be face-to-face. With that came the expenses of flights, meals, hotel rooms and transportation. Through today's globalized world and economic struggles, there are simple and frugal ways around those costs, one of which is video conferencing.

Think about how much money is spent during a business trip. There's the cost of the ticket, which may be anywhere between $200 and $600, depending on the length of the domestic flight, and a hotel room can charge upwards of $150 per night. By the time the entire business trip is over, accruing all the food and transportation expenses, your company may have very well spent more than $1,500 per person.

Take into consideration the inexpensive and efficient technology of the video conference. With a one-time payment for video conference devices and an internet connection, you can have those business meetings any day and any time without having to book a flight, saving thousands per year in the process.

In the business world, every minute and dollar counts, and there's no point in wasting them on business trips when you can get the same things done online.