Why you need to smile during a video conference

Monday, August 19 2013

Video conferencing technology has become a fixture in many businesses because it allows employees to work remotely and communicate with their colleagues. Professionals need to understand how to present themselves during digital meetings to ensure that they seem comfortable on camera. Debra Benton, author of "The Virtual Executive," told Forbes that the key is to smile when speaking with an associate online or over the phone. 

"Smile when you pick up or click on the phone, and continue to smile as you talk regardless of who's calling or what the conversation is about," Benton said. 

The author explained that smiling affects your tone of voice so others will be able to tell how you're acting. Even if you have a slight grin, your voice will have an upward inflection that sounds positive, especially compared to how you sound while frowning or keeping a neutral appearance. 

Additionally, other people can see you when you use video conferencing technology so it's important to seem somewhat chipper. If you appear angry or frustrated, it could steer the conversation in a negative direction and ultimately devolve into an unnecessarily fruitless debate.