Workers slow to embrace video conferencing

Wednesday, February 2 2011

A recent study has revealed that some workers are still slow to warm up to video conferencing technology as a development that can help them manage their professional lives more effectively.

The study, conducted by Forrester Research, found that approximately 72 percent of workers don't think they want desktop video conferencing, while 13 percent who don’t have it want to get it. Another 13 percent use it, and 2 percent reported that they have desktop video conferencing but don't use it. Business executives, by contrast, were much more likely to embrace and utilize video conferencing on a more regular basis.

T.J. Keitt, the Forrester analyst who conducted the study, says that executives will need to be patient with their workforces when deciding to invest in the benefits of desktop video conferencing.

"Start by looking among manager and executive ranks, a group that may already be getting significant value from the technology," Keitt wrote in the report. "Also speak with employees already using other video technologies, such as room-based video, to learn whether extending video capabilities to their desks warrants further investment."

Desktop video conferencing is a great way for employees to connect with clients, partners and even one another without the need for an expensive video conferencing suite or other massive upgrades. It offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes, so executives should work to overcome some employees' hesitance.