Working apart no longer an obstacle

Friday, July 20 2012

Once it was necessary to keep everyone in the same office, building or relative geographic area in order to ensure teams were able to effectively come together. Those involved in the planning process could easily fall out of the loop if they missed a meeting, leaving more catch-up work and creating the potential for error in later stages. Now audio and video conferencing makes those worries obsolete.

According to Online Video, a study of web meeting participation among businesses found that nearly three-fourths used these tools as a way of capturing an event, be it a big conference or small personal discussion, and saving it for future reference. That means for remote workers already trying to connect to another office or employee, if there is an issue and someone misses out on the web meeting, they need only watch the playback to learn what was said.

Since more companies are moving toward telework and remote options for their employees, reported the Baltimore Business Journal,  it's essential that collaboration tools like web meetings and video conferencing are available for their use. The source stated that about 40 percent of all workers could theoretically work totally from home already. Companies that aren't taking advantage of this cost-cutting move in employee strategy may feel more reassured in the change if they had collaborative software to keep everyone in touch regularly.