Working from home like a pro

Friday, February 10 2012

Today's technological advancements allow us to work from any remote location as if we were in an office. With the following equipment, you can work from home and run your business efficiently.

WiFi connection
The first and most important aspect will likely be the reliability of your internet connection. You should invest in a better internet connection, rather than a cheaper service that may prove to be less reliable. If you're concerned about paying too much for internet, you could also consider sacrificing a few cable channels to level the bill. Ultimately, your services could depend on your availability via the internet, and this may go beyond plainly replying by email.

Web conferencing
While you have the option of inviting business affiliates into your home for a conference, it may be more professional to interact with them over a web conference. This will save you, or your business affiliates, hundreds of dollars they might have spent on a business trip.

Separate business lines
Separate your work phone from the one that your friends and family would call. Have a business line so that you know when a call is coming into that mobile phone or landline, it's specifically for business. Also, include caller I.D. and a voice message system so you can keep track of incoming calls and messages.

P.O. box
With the excessive amount of mail you may receive as a business owner, you may want to separate your personal mail from business mail. Register for a P.O. box so that you can organize and differentiate the mail for your business. Also, certain pieces of incoming mail may be confidential, and if it's sent to your home while you're away, it could be stolen. With a P.O. box, that mail will be safe until you open it.

Before you implement these tools into your home business, be sure to separate your personal office space from the rest of your home. For instance, if you're living with roommates, a significant other or family, it may be less distracting to have the office on a separate floor than the common area.