Australia's far-apart cities make internet traffic grow

Thursday, June 2 2011

The nation of Australia is quite large, yet its interior is rural and mostly uninhabited. As a result, cities and towns Down Under are often far flung and inconvenient to travel between. Consequently, the rise of the internet and mobile technology is making Aussies the world leaders in web usage.

According to Computer World, Australia's internet traffic is increasing at a compound rate of 41 percent per year. That means that by 2015, Australian computers and mobile devices will combine to send and receive 514 petabytes each month. That figure is expected to be far above the global average for countries of Australia's size and population.

An interesting side effect of this phenomenon is the rise of video conferencing in the Outback. With technology more able to fill the gaps, Australians are electing to speak with loved ones via web conference more often. Additionally, government departments, especially those that focus on medical service, are finding it less costly and more effective to offer basic services through video conferencing technology.