Baptist seminary takes religious education high-tech

Thursday, January 13 2011

Religion isn't exactly know for being high-tech, but one center for religious education is embracing the new with video conferencing equipment that will let students study their faith from all around the globe.

The Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary has installed video conferencing equipment in its classrooms in order to better serve its remote students, the Jacksonville Progress reports.

"Our video conferencing classroom offers live classes over the internet to our extension campuses in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Conway, Arkansas," BMATS president Charley Holmes told the paper.

The video conferencing equipment was installed last year and the seminary offered two online classes during the fall semester. This spring, they'll increase that number to four.

"We're adding two classes - one on the life of Jesus and one on the life of Paul," Holmes continued. "We will add two online classes every semester."

The video conferencing equipment also offers other high-tech features, including a motion capture ability which allows students to print out diagrams or notes that the professor writes on the whiteboard.

The school, which is based in Jacksonville, Texas, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religion, a Master in Divinity and a Master of Arts in Church Ministries, along with associate and certificate programs.