Be a high-energy webinar presenter

Wednesday, December 26 2012

A web meeting is used by some companies, and the gathering enables participants to receive valuable materials from qualified professionals. With a webinar, participants can learn new skills that could help them perform their work and boost their productivity.

Businesses that offer webinars commonly seek high-energy presenters who can keep participants informed and interested in the given materials. However, these speakers face challenges if they are unprepared and lack the communication skills to connect with audience members from a wide variety of locations.

Thankfully, the following tips can help you become a high-energy webinar presenter.

1. Ask questions - Open-ended questions are ideal because they allow attendees to voice their opinions during a webinar. Provide participants with numerous opportunities to ask questions throughout a web meeting to keep audience members involved.

2. Get ready - Questions are helpful, but only if presenters can answer these queries. Speakers should develop and evaluate their presentation materials in advance, as extra preparation could help them quickly respond to participants' questions.

3. Host discussions - There are several ways a high-energy presenter can get audience members directly involved in a webinar. Discussions are useful because several attendees can converse about various topics. Promote active discussions by asking questions and reaching out to meeting participants through polls and surveys throughout a web meeting.