Begin a video conference for the first time

Thursday, December 27 2012

A first-time video conference presenter might feel anxious and nervous before a meeting. However, video conferencing provides a fun, engaging channel to interact with clients and employees, and the gathering enables speakers to easily deliver valuable information.

Check out the following tips to get ready for your first video conference.

1. Arrive early - Setup for a video conference may appear challenging for first-time presenters, but arriving early gives you extra time to evaluate and overcome any potential difficulties. Begin the setup roughly 45 minutes before a presentation to ensure all equipment is working properly and every attendee will be able to participate.

2. Review the presentation - A last-minute review allows speakers to assess their materials and make any necessary changes. Check the visuals to ensure that information is accurate and remember the meeting's purpose when examining content - presenters must stay on point to maximize the value of the video conference.

3. Practice with the keyboard - Be prepared for the video conference by practicing in advance. Use the keyboard and evaluate how certain materials will be presented.