Broadcasting online with a webinar

Tuesday, November 30 2010

Webinars can be an effective online communication tool for small businesses, according to Bruce Freeman, a contributor to the Times Herald of Morristown and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Although there are a lot of webinars on the internet landscape that may be competing for the same audience, Freeman suggests that business owners think outside the box with timing in the hopes of catching their audience when they don't have other commitments. Also, presenters should allow enough lead-time to generate an audience. Freeman advises beginning the planning process six weeks ahead of time.

Another must for webinar creators is to remember that "content is king," says Freeman. If the content is top-notch, it will encourage users to log in for future presentations.

Best For Webinars adds that there is no room for obscuring the main purpose of the event - get to the point. Webinar hosts should make it explicitly clear what the presentation will focus on.

"You should ensure that everyone comes into the webinar with a perfectly solid idea of what it is about," advises the site.