Building tomorrow with conferencing technology

Wednesday, August 22 2012

Young people are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, and investing in their growth and education seems like a logical decision when they are the ones who will be buying technology in years to come. Distance learning developments have steadily been increasing in popularity, and to assist with the quality of these opportunities, web conferencing could play a big part.

The Center for American Progress wrote that other nations like China and India are surging to the forefront in financial and technological feats because they are spending resources on improving the workforce rather than finding ways to get around employee shortcomings. Part of this strategy is to start training people at a younger age to understand enterprise-level tools like audio and video technology so they will be more likely to integrate it into regular practices in the future.

College classes are already using conferencing tools remotely to reach the classroom according to Times News. Even elementary schools are not using these capabilities to integrate collaborative tools into coursework, as the Lake Norman News wrote that 6th grade students will work on science projects with others from around the world with conferencing capabilities.