Businesses excited for new video conferencing technology

Friday, June 29 2012

Companies across the world are excited about incorporating HD video into their videoconferencing, and hope their hardware and internet connections can keep up. According to a poll conducted by Virgin Media Business, 80 percent of business professionals look forward to enhanced video communications, but worry that their current office computer equipment might not be able to do it justice.

"Video conferencing has firmly established itself as an everyday tool for business," said Tony Grace, Virgin Media Business COO, according to the Computer Business Review. "As we enjoy more HD content at home, we're increasingly expecting similar quality in the office."

As online conferencing becomes more ubiquitous, businesses are finding it harder to do without, and anticipating new advances in quality and service. Securing a reliable internet conferencing provider can help companies incorporate it into their current infrastructure. The fact that so many are anxiously awaiting HD conferencing, even as they are unsure of how they will achieve this, makes it clear that this technology has become an integral part of doing business in the modern world.

According to IT PRO, many businesses are looking for ways to sidestep the limitations of their company's computer setup to adopt HD conferencing. One example is the spread of having employees use their own devices, which may be better equipped to handle the new technology than the ones their offices provide.