California hospital using videoconferencing technology

Monday, February 28 2011

Telecommunications is fast becoming an important aspect of the health sector. The efficiency of technologies such as videoconferencing allows for faster diagnoses and could potentially save lives.

In Orange, California, St. Joseph Health Systems is employing video conferencing capabilities in its wellness stations, according to Fierce Mobile Health. The technology will be available in seven different locations for public use, allowing patients to interact with available physicians.

According to executive vice president of wellness and health improvement Elliot Sternberg, the kiosks will allow St. Joseph "to provide better access to care, particularly specialty care where it hasn't been as accessible before." One key aspect to watch for, according to the news report, is how user-friendly the video conferencing technology will be for both the patients and practitioners alike. The source mentions that the stations will come with an easy-to-use telephone system that can easily be operated with the push of a button.

The remote healthcare project is another step forward to an ongoing demand for telehealth, especially in the state of California, where Gov. Schwarzenegger recently introduced the technology to University of California Hospitals, according to the news report.