Can video conferencing improve employee health?

Monday, June 17 2013

Video conferencing technology provides immediate benefits to employees and companies. One of the primary perks is that staff members can connect with remote contacts without going on lengthy trips for meetings. A recent study from Columbia University shows that reduced travel can also help improve workers' overall health

For the report, researchers surveyed workers about their health and how much time they spent on the road. The team concluded that employees who travel 20 or more days per month generally suffer from poorer health than others. For instance, regular travelers "had a mean Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27.5 kg/m2 versus 26.1 for" employees who only go on trips for one to six days per month. 

"Consistently we found that health outcomes were worse for those not traveling and those traveling the most," said Catherine Richards, lead author of the report. 

Video conferencing software eliminates the need to travel frequently for business purposes. With a single application, an employee can contact any other user around the world. What's more, many communication platforms can also be used on mobile devices so staff members can connect with others by using their smartphones or tablets.