Can video conferencing software help music education?

Monday, November 12 2012

Learning an instrument is a difficult endeavor. Amateur musicians are often asked to perform complex actions while simultaneously understanding complicated music theories. While some people are talented enough to play instruments well without much instruction, the majority of aspiring instrument learners require lessons.

Music teachers can reach more students by using video conferencing software. Some musicians travel to their pupils, while others work in facilities that students visit. Both of these options can present logistical difficulties for educators and amateur players.

Through online meetings, teachers can still show their students every lesson and action to be learned. Many instruments, including guitars and saxophones, require complicated finger motions that some people can't learn without examples and demonstrations. Web conferencing applications allow educators to show their pupils the proper hand techniques.

The correct actions are only half of the musical battle - students must also produce the proper sounds. A teacher can listen to an amateur's progress online, while also noting any improper techniques.

Technology has simplified education and music teachers should take advantage of all the new tools at their disposal. Using webcams and conferencing software can help educators reach more clients.