Carbon-intensive flying is out as more businesses adopt video conferencing

Monday, March 7 2011

More companies are making changes in the way that they do business. The recession has become a main reason to cut costs, but at the same time, alarming facts on carbon emission caused by industry operations are making establishments reflect on how they do business, taking into consideration their responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint.

A study by Critical Research, commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund, surveyed 500 businesses and found that "86 [percent] of companies are either reducing their carbon footprint from business travel or intend to do so." The report mentions that more establishments are adopting such changes mainly to save on travel expenses, but at the same time, using new technologies like video conferencing allows the companies to commit to green policies and further the ideal.

While spending on corporate traveling is on the decline, more and more companies are investing in tech alternatives. The report mentions that 60 percent of the companies surveyed frequently use video conferencing. The technology allows for face-to-face communication, accelerating productivity and decision-making without the cost and hassle of business travel.