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If you think that Video Conferencing is beyond your technical reach or financial capacity, then it is time to think again. Video conferencing technology has advanced to the point where every business or organization can benefit from its easy and inexpensive implementation. Get access to the latest Video Conferencing industry news and discover the many ways Video Conferencing is used to unite geographically disperse locations, reduce travel and save money.

What businesses can learn from the "showrooming" trend

What businesses can learn from the Thursday, November 21 2013

The holidays are almost here, and buyers are ready to go. Read

The best products make for the best video conference calls

Friday, November 15 2013

Video conferencing is a quickly growing industry, and many companies are seeing the utility of the communication method. Read

Video conferencing growth leaves hotels changing their ways

Video conferencing growth leaves hotels changing their ways Thursday, November 14 2013

Video conferencing software is of growing importance in the business world, and many have found how much it facilitates collaboration and improves communication. Read

New app shows importance of visual communication

New app shows importance of visual communication Wednesday, November 13 2013

Text-based methods have increased greatly in business and personal communications in recent years. Read

Testing out different interaction styles can boost productivity, study finds

Testing out different interaction styles can boost productivity, study finds Friday, November 8 2013

Many remember fighting for the best possible seat in the lunchroom, but few experience such a scenario in the workplace. Read

Video conferencing set to continue growth

Video conferencing set to continue growth Tuesday, November 5 2013

Video conferencing has already grown large in popularity, but the technology is set to continue rising in popularity. Read

How to dress best for a video conference

How to dress best for a video conference Friday, November 1 2013

Video conferencing software is a highly useful tool to conduct meetings, but there are some considerations one should take into account that they needn't in normal, in-person meetings. Read

Are office designs out of control?

Are office designs out of control? Monday, October 28 2013

Some startups believe that they're going to revolutionize everything about the business world. Read

What's hot in modern offices

What's hot in modern offices Friday, October 25 2013

Offices are changing for the better. Read

What professionals can learn from fantasy football

What professionals can learn from fantasy football Tuesday, October 22 2013

It's almost impossible to walk into an office these days without hearing someone talk about fantasy football. Read

How universities are using video conferencing technology

How universities are using video conferencing technology Monday, October 21 2013

Video conferencing software is standard in the corporate world, but it's also becoming commonplace in academia. Read

Is the Moto X the best smartphone on the market?

Is the Moto X the best smartphone on the market? Friday, October 18 2013

One such gadget is the Moto X, the first smartphone Motorola has produced since it was bought by Google. Read

How to implement a success hoteling plan

How to implement a success hoteling plan Wednesday, October 16 2013

Many professionals are used to going to work and sitting at the same desk every day. Read

The keys to a successful business trip

The keys to a successful business trip Monday, October 14 2013

Business travel is a mainstay in many sectors. In some cases, you're going to have to take a trip across the country or around the world. Read

Should you fire someone during a video conference?

Should you fire someone during a video conference? Thursday, October 10 2013

Firing people isn't an enjoyable task, but sometimes it needs to be done. Read

Is coworking right for your business?

Is coworking right for your business? Tuesday, October 8 2013

The enterprise of the future might not involve an office at all. Read

Can you replace your work computer with a tablet?

Can you replace your work computer with a tablet? Thursday, October 3 2013

Technology has come a long way in a short window. All of the devices that were cool a few years ago are practically relics nowadays. Read

The standing desk: yea or nay?

The standing desk: yea or nay? Tuesday, October 1 2013

Offices are always changing as every company relies on a different layout. Read

Why security scares shouldn't affect your use of video conferencing technology

Why security scares shouldn't affect your use of video conferencing technology Monday, September 30 2013

As with every bit of hardware, many people worry about their security when it comes to video conferencing technology. Read

Video conferencing technology makes WFH viable

Video conferencing technology makes WFH viable Friday, September 27 2013

Many professionals don't just expect to be able to work from home, they demand it. Read

Video conferencing can end complaints about millennials

Video conferencing can end complaints about millennials Wednesday, September 25 2013

No one can blame establish professionals for being threatened by online video software. Read

What public Wi-Fi means for video conferencing technology

What public Wi-Fi means for video conferencing technology Monday, September 23 2013

Video conferencing technology has come a long way since its inception. Read

CERN shows how big video conferencing can be

CERN shows how big video conferencing can be Friday, September 20 2013

It can be fun to think about the future of video conferencing technology. Read

Are video conferencing and digital signatures a match made in heaven?

Are video conferencing and digital signatures a match made in heaven? Thursday, September 19 2013

It's well established that video conferencing technology is one of the best resources that enterprises can use to increase productivity and business communications. Read

Is the new iPhone worth buying?

Is the new iPhone worth buying? Thursday, September 12 2013

Like clockwork, Apple has unveiled a new iPhone just ahead of the holiday shopping season. Read

Are video conferencing and WFH policies necessities for modern recruitment?

Are video conferencing and WFH policies necessities for modern recruitment? Wednesday, September 11 2013

No business has ever been content with average anything, from sales to video conferencing technology. Read

Here's what's wrong with the BYOD era

Here's what's wrong with the BYOD era Tuesday, September 10 2013

As of late, bring-your-own-device policies have become de rigueur in the corporate world. Read

Are tablets and video conferencing software a good match?

Are tablets and video conferencing software a good match? Monday, September 9 2013

As the workforce becomes more and more mobile, businesses have to find ways to keep employees connected. Read

Forget robots, 3-D video conferencing technology could be the next big thing

Forget robots, 3-D video conferencing technology could be the next big thing Tuesday, September 3 2013

Could holograms and 3-D technology be the next leap forward for video conferencing technology? Read

Where's video conferencing headed?

Thursday, August 29 2013

Video conferencing technology is an important feature in many businesses' daily operations. Read

Are robots the future of video conferencing?

Tuesday, August 27 2013

Video conferencing technology is pretty much standard in every office. Read

Top 10 faux pas of video conferencing

Thursday, August 22 2013

Video conferencing technology can be one of the best assets in your office, assuming you know how to use the collaboration software properly. Read

Will Google Glass affect business?

Thursday, August 22 2013

Google Glass is one of the most talked about devices on the planet and it hasn't even been released yet. Read

How video conferencing software helps firefighters

Wednesday, August 21 2013

Video conferencing software is a practical solution for enhancing communication in the corporate sphere, but some experts claim that the technology can also improve public safety. Read

North Carolina expands use of video conferencing technology

Tuesday, August 20 2013

North Carolina recently updated its regulations to allow medical professionals and counselors to conduct evaluations of people going through mental breakdowns and drug overdoses via video conferencing technology. Read

Why you need to smile during a video conference

Monday, August 19 2013

Video conferencing technology has become a fixture in many businesses because it allows employees to work remotely and communicate with their colleagues. Read

The cost benefits of video conferencing for attorneys

Friday, August 16 2013

Video conferencing technology is gaining popularity in every industry, but the legal field has been particularly quick to adopt the communications platform. Read

Use video conferencing technology whenever you can

Friday, August 16 2013

Many companies are increasing their use of video conferencing technology to enhance communication. Read

Video conferencing technology improves health care in North Carolina

Thursday, August 15 2013

A health care provider in North Carolina is using video conferencing technology to enhance accessibility for patients who live in rural areas of the state. Read

Don't wear patterned clothing during a video conference

Tuesday, August 13 2013

A common issue that many employees have is wondering what to wear when they use video conferencing technology. Read

SSA using video conferencing to connect with Hawaii residents

Monday, August 12 2013

Video conferencing technology allows people to connect with each other over long distances, and one government office has realized it can capitalize on this to extend services to residents in a remote location. Read

Why infrastructure shouldn't stop you from video conferencing

Friday, August 9 2013

Some companies haven't adopted video conferencing technology because of logistical concerns. Read

Do eating and video conferencing mix?

Thursday, August 8 2013

Because video conferencing technology allows users to conduct meetings from any location, some employees eat during their conversations. Read

Video conferencing technology may boost business for doctors

Tuesday, August 6 2013

Doctors use who use video conferencing technology to consult with patients may see an increase in profits in the near future. Read

Infrastructure may hamstring video conferencing legislation

Tuesday, August 6 2013

A recently proposed bill that would encourage federal agencies to use video conferencing technology and reduce travel might not be able to move forward because of logistical hurdles. Read

Are video interviews helping or hurting job applicants?

Friday, August 2 2013

Video conferencing technology is frequently used to conduct job interviews because the hardware allows recruiters to speak with candidates from around the globe. Read

Use social media for pre-webinar marketing

Thursday, August 1 2013

Many businesses use video conferencing technology to host webinars, but the online sessions won't be successful without pre-event advertising. Read

Video conferencing technology proves beneficial for medical students

Wednesday, July 31 2013

A new study shows that medical students communicate with professors via video conferencing technology did just as well on tests as their in-classroom peers. Read

Tips for video conferencing on your smartphone

Tuesday, July 30 2013

Video conferencing technology has evolved in recent years, moving away from dedicated webcams and microphones to more mobile options. Read

Business travel becomes tougher to justify

Tuesday, July 30 2013

Traveling is a common part of doing business in the global economy. Read

Tablets and video conferencing software boost productivity

Monday, July 29 2013

Tablets are becoming increasingly commonplace in modern offices because employees want to use the latest devices to increase productivity. Read

LA testing video conferencing technology in council meetings

Friday, July 26 2013

Video conferencing technology facilitates communication between remote parties and some public officials have realized that they can use the communications platform to connect with their constituents. Read

Flight problems highlight benefits of video conferencing technology

Thursday, July 25 2013

Many professionals are occasionally asked to travel for work. Read

Avoid travel issues with video conferencing technology

Wednesday, July 24 2013

Video conferencing technology can be used to replace business travel as the software allows professionals to communicate with almost anyone from around the world. Read

Video conferencing technology can help employees deal with gas prices

Monday, July 22 2013

Employees are trying to stretch every last cent from their paychecks. Read

How video conferencing technology increases collaboration

Thursday, July 18 2013

Video conferencing technology presents a number of benefits for companies, including enhanced collaboration between employees. Read

Timing statements during video conferencing

Wednesday, July 17 2013

Cutting-edge video conferencing technology allows professionals to instantly connect with colleagues and clients around the world. Read

Video conferencing technology should be an everyday resource

Tuesday, July 16 2013

In some cases, professionals only use video conferencing technology to hold large meetings with remote participants. Read

Video conferencing bill would cut government travel by $15 billion

Monday, July 15 2013

More and more, government spending has come under scrutiny, and legislators have been trying to find ways to reduce overhead expenses. Read

How to organize a room for a video conference

Friday, July 12 2013

Video conferencing technology allows employees to participate in meetings from any location. Read

What windows to open before a video interview

Thursday, July 11 2013

Many recruiters use video conferencing technology to conduct interviews with applicants. Read

Make necessary adjustments before a video conference

Wednesday, July 10 2013

For facilitating communication between distant parties, video conferencing technology is likely the best resource to have available. Read

Do you need a headset for your video conference?

Tuesday, July 9 2013

Video conferencing technology simplifies meetings as professionals can discuss important matters with associates around the world without ever leaving their desks. Read

Video conferencing technology eliminates commuting hassles

Friday, July 5 2013

Video conferencing technology streamlines business practices and facilities communication between professionals. Read

Video conferencing technology is a cost-effective alternative to business travel

Wednesday, July 3 2013

Video conferencing technology allows a business to control overhead expenses to avoid financial hardship. Read

Video conferencing technology improves healthcare in Louisiana

Tuesday, July 2 2013

Video conferencing technology enhances communication between distant parties, and in no field is this more important than in healthcare Read

2 ways teachers can use video conferencing technology

Monday, July 1 2013

Video conferencing technology has become commonplace in almost every type of facility, including schools. Read

How to properly light the room for a video conference

Thursday, June 27 2013

While it may not be the first matter you handle before your video conference, lighting is actually critical to the overall effectiveness of a digital meeting. Read

Create strong passwords for video conferences

Thursday, June 27 2013

Cyber security is of the utmost concern for many professionals. Read

What increased tablet sales mean for video conferencing

Tuesday, June 25 2013

Video conferencing software used to only be compatible with computers because other devices didn't present sufficient connectivity for live communication. Read

Clear the background before a video conference

Tuesday, June 25 2013

Video conferencing technology is beneficial for professionals who frequently work from home and still need to communicate with in-office associates and clients. Read

Keep an eye on yourself during video conferences

Tuesday, June 25 2013

Video conferencing technology allows professionals to easily communicate with remote contacts. Read

Why interoperability matters for video conferencing

Monday, June 24 2013

Many businesses rely on video conferencing technology to ensure that basic communication can be handled quickly and efficiently. Read

Record virtual interviews

Monday, June 24 2013

One of the benefits of video conferencing technology is that users can record their discussions with other participants. Read

The problems with colorful clothing and jewelry during video conferences

Thursday, June 20 2013

When using video conferencing software, employees are expected to dress professionally, but some everyday garments and accessories don't work well on camera. Read

Don't move during video conferences

Wednesday, June 19 2013

Video conferencing technology streamlines communication so that professionals can easily contact their co-workers or clients to discuss important matters. Read

Don't make unnecessary sounds during video conferences

Wednesday, June 19 2013

Video conferencing technology has become a fixture in the corporate world. Read

Practice before virtual job interviews

Monday, June 17 2013

When you're asked to participate in a video interview, you should familiarize yourself with the conferencing application to ensure that the meeting goes smoothly. Read

Can video conferencing improve employee health?

Monday, June 17 2013

Video conferencing technology provides immediate benefits to employees and companies. Read

Video conferencing enables businesses to implement work from home policies

Monday, June 17 2013

Many employees expect to be allowed to work from home on occasion. Read

Use the proper tone during video conferences

Friday, June 14 2013

Video conferencing software is used by many companies to improve communication with remote parties, including employees and clients. Read

Seniors using video conferencing software

Wednesday, June 12 2013

The purpose of installing video conferencing software is to streamline communication between distant contacts. Read

Video conferencing software improves legal proceedings

Wednesday, June 12 2013

Video conferencing software is being successfully integrated into organizations across various industries. Read

Video conferencing technology takes a strange turn

Monday, June 10 2013

Video conferencing technology enables presenters to broadcast to viewers scattered across the world, and companies constantly strive to find new uses for the innovative tools. Read

Global videoconferencing market experiences small decline, but experts remain optimistic

Tuesday, June 4 2013

Video conferencing technology is at the cusp of many business plans today, but unfortunately, the struggle of the global economy resulted in a small decline in the industry during the second quarter of 2013. Read

How to use graphics during a video conference

Friday, May 31 2013

Many professionals use video conferencing software to give remote participants an experience similar to in-person meetings. Read

Video conferencing helps students learn

Friday, May 31 2013

Schools across the United States have begun using video conferencing software to improve education. Read

The importance of identification in video conferences

Thursday, May 30 2013

Connecting dozens of remote participants is one of the benefits of using video conferencing software. Read

Stay quiet during video conferences

Thursday, May 30 2013

Video conferencing is meant to increase communication between far-flung professionals. Read

Stay focused during video conferences

Wednesday, May 29 2013

Video conferencing software allows users to connects with correspondents around the world, but some professionals struggle to maintain their focus during interactive discussions. Read

The importance of eye contact in video conferences

Tuesday, May 28 2013

Using video conferencing software requires more than technical expertise because there is also a special set of behaviors that meeting participants must adhere to during their electronic gatherings. Read

Why hosts need to customize presentations for video conferences

Friday, May 24 2013

Video conferencing software applications are becoming popular tools for businesses in every industry, but some workers don't understand how to properly use the programs. Read

Video conferencing used to increase safety in jail

Wednesday, May 22 2013

Administrators from the Christian Country Jail recently announced that the facility will soon implement video conferencing software and kiosks to bolster safety during visits. Read

3 benefits of video conferencing

Tuesday, May 21 2013

Video conferencing software is becoming more and more popular as business leaders begin to realize the benefits of digital meetings. Read

How not to dress for a video conference

Monday, May 20 2013

As companies become increasingly reliant on video conferencing software, employees must understand how to dress when participating in digital meetings. Read

Delaware finalizes video conferencing regulations for the military

Thursday, May 16 2013

Delaware has faced military controversy in the past, but recently, the state took a step forward with new video conferencing legislation designed to assist service members who are stationed overseas. Read

Secrets behind a productive, informative video conference

Wednesday, May 15 2013

The best video conferencing software can transform any presentation into a fantastic whirlwind of accessible information, but the technology is only as good as the people who wield it. Read

Videoconferencing is cresting on the wave of the future

Tuesday, May 14 2013

The future of meeting management and transparent professional solutions is just around the corner, and leading the charge toward sustainability is secure video conferencing software. Read

Secure video conferencing can actually boost workplace productivity

Monday, May 13 2013

Workplace productivity is always a priority for companies in every professional sector, and many firms brainstorm improvement strategies year-round to ensure continual success. Read

Where is the videoconferencing industry headed in the future?

Friday, May 10 2013

Video conferencing technology has evolved considerably over the past few decades, and as 2013 continues, the sector shows no signs of slowing down. Read

Are you prepared for the top three workplace trends in 2013?

Thursday, May 9 2013

In any professional sector, workplace trends dictate the way employees conduct their daily tasks, and certain expectations change greatly over time. Read

Stay positive during a video conference

Tuesday, April 30 2013

Video conferencing tools help business leaders effectively communicate with clients and peers. Read

Video conferencing technology supports small businesses

Monday, April 29 2013

Company leaders want the best solutions for their clients and employees, particularly in today's unstable economic climate. While it can sometimes be challenging to incorporate state-of-the-art platforms into a business' everyday operations, video conferencing technology delivers long-lasting support to companies of all sizes. Read

Choose an outfit for a video conference

Wednesday, April 24 2013

Business leaders don't have to be fashionistas to prepare for video conferences. With quality video conferencing software, company officials can dress for success and display their firms' professionalism to large groups of attendees. Read

Video conferencing software is a top solution for businesses

Monday, April 22 2013

Companies want productive, efficient work teams, and video conferencing software makes it easier for staff members to stay on track. With this first-rate platform, business professionals will be able to connect with associates and clients at all times, and the solution is worthwhile for big and small firms. Read

How can video conferencing software help your business?

Friday, April 19 2013

Video conferencing solutions provide immediate and long-lasting value to companies of all sizes. While many businesses typically lack the resources of major corporations, video conferencing platforms can help level the playing field between small and large firms. Read

Understand your role in a video conference

Wednesday, April 17 2013

As a moderator, it is important to recognize how to interact with remote workers. Each participant is relying on video conferencing software to connect with peers from around the globe, and presenters should ensure that every attendee enjoys his or her meeting experience. Read

Three reasons to invest in video conferencing software

Tuesday, April 9 2013

Video conferencing tools are designed for businesses of all sizes and enable firms to become more efficient. By relying on a first-rate video conferencing platform, business officials can use a quality solution to interact with clients and peers. Read

Provide video conferencing user tutorials

Friday, April 5 2013

Workers want state-of-the-art platforms that provide assistance for extended periods of time, and only the best video conferencing software will suffice for your team. Quality video conferencing tools are ideal for companies of all sizes because these solutions help team members become more productive. Read

Video conferencing tools are easy to use

Tuesday, April 2 2013

Business operators will appreciate the simplicity of video conferencing tools. While a video meeting can connect participants from around the globe, attendees can enjoy first-rate tools that make it easy to interact with far-flung audience members. Read

Web based video conferencing software helps small businesses

Thursday, March 28 2013

Web based video conferencing software is worthwhile for small business operators. The platform is easy to use, which makes it an ideal long-term investment for company leaders. Read

Use secure video conferencing software to improve your business

Friday, March 22 2013

Secure video conferencing tools enable business professionals to interact with one another across great distances. The solutions provide significant value to firms over extended periods of time, as company leaders can use the platforms regularly to enhance their everyday operations. Read

Increase business productivity with video conferencing software

Wednesday, March 20 2013

Business productivity is essential, especially for smaller firms with tight budgets. With video conferencing software, companies of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of a top-notch platform that connects staff members from around the globe. Read

Video conferencing software can work well for your business

Sunday, March 17 2013

Using video conferencing solutions every day bolsters business efficiency and productivity. Improving a company's operations can be time-consuming and expensive, but video conferences enable administrators to manage a variety of tasks. Read

Video conferences benefit small business owners in several ways

Thursday, March 14 2013

Video conferencing software delivers useful tools for companies of all sizes. In fact, small business operators can enjoy the benefits of video conferencing solutions, as these platforms help administrators develop first-rate plans for their firms. Read

Make minor adjustments just before a video conference

Wednesday, March 13 2013

Using video conferencing tools enables company leaders to display positivity and professionalism to employees across great distances. However, minor adjustments can help participants enjoy picture-perfect images and bolster the quality of a video conference quickly. Read

Offer reliable guidance to video conference participants

Monday, March 11 2013

Video conferencing software is intuitive, but using it for the first time can sometimes be nerve-racking for participants. However, business leaders can provide world-class training to assist meeting attendees. Read

Complete a successful video conference rehearsal

Wednesday, March 6 2013

A video conference is a big deal for participants, including speakers who must present a wide range of charts, diagrams and graphs. Rehearsing the presentation in advance delivers numerous benefits to moderators, as these professionals can get comfortable with the software and tools at their disposal. Read

Videoconferencing market set to expand going forward

Tuesday, March 5 2013

As the business video conferencing world continues to expand, companies are finding more reason to add these tools to their corporate infrastructure and maintain them as staples of communication and interaction. Read

Video conference interview tips for business professionals

Friday, March 1 2013

Video conferencing software enables business leaders to conduct virtual interviews with candidates worldwide. The platform gives employers opportunities to extend their reach to attract top talent, and business professionals can use the solution to connect with first-rate organizations. Read

Introduce video conference attendees

Thursday, February 28 2013

Video conference participants could be meeting each other for the first time, and it is important for moderators to introduce each attendee at the beginning of a session. Introductions help break the ice and enable attendees to fully understand each audience member's role in the gathering. Read

Understand how video conferencing tools can impact your business

Wednesday, February 27 2013

Video conferencing software is designed for businesses of all sizes. Company officials can use the platform's tools to streamline a wide range of everyday tasks and significantly bolster their regular operations. Read

Become an efficient video conference participant

Monday, February 25 2013

Video conferencing solutions give employers reliable, state-of-the-art tools that can significantly benefit clients and employees. Read

Send video conference materials to participants in advance

Friday, February 22 2013

Video conferencing software is valuable to companies of all sizes because it enables team members to easily connect with peers and clients. The solution is a top choice for firms around the world, and many business officials have incorporated the platform into their everyday operations. Read

Video conferencing software provides long-term benefits

Thursday, February 21 2013

Video conferencing software features valuable tools that can transform how businesses operate. The innovative platform enables company executives to connect with clients and staff members around the world and could provide significant value to firms over extended periods of time. Read

Three video conferencing tips for beginners

Wednesday, February 20 2013

Video conferencing software might seem intimidating at first, but novices will quickly understand why the solution is popular after they start using the platform. In fact, video conferences are quickly becoming top choices for businesses around the world, as these web meetings enable clients and employees to interact with one another at any time. Read

Host a one-hour video conference

Tuesday, February 19 2013

Video conferencing software allows business professionals to interact with clients and employees. Company executives who maximize their use of web meetings can bolster a company's efficiency and productivity, but these leaders could face challenges if they do not understand how to properly control video conferencing tools. Read

Determine the length of a video conference

Wednesday, February 13 2013

Video conferencing software enables users to interact with each other for hours, but increasing a meeting's duration does not necessarily guarantee it will be a quality gathering. Read

What to bring to a video conference

Tuesday, February 12 2013

A video conference is similar to an in-person gathering in many ways. There could be a great distance between meeting participants, but video conferencing software connects clients and employees from around the world and enables participants to provide valuable contributions. Read

Speak up during a video conference

Friday, February 8 2013

Video conferences can connect staff members and clients from around the world, but the meetings can sometimes lead to awkward social situations. For example, audience members may have concerns or questions they wish to have addressed but might not know the right time to speak up and ask their queries. Read

How to handle two video conferences in one day

Wednesday, February 6 2013

Video conferencing tools connect clients and workers, but online gatherings can pose some challenges to presenters. For example, a video conference speaker may need to prepare for two web meetings in one day, which could require a significant amount of time and resources. Read

Host a video conference with corporate officials

Friday, February 1 2013

Video conferencing tools can help employees deliver important materials to their supervisors. In fact, meetings with corporate officials can take place via video conference. Read

Tips for sharing content during video conferences

Tuesday, January 29 2013

Video conferencing software enables speakers to use charts, graphs and other supplementary materials to enhance their presentations. However, too many displays overwhelm attendees and could detract from the content. Read

Tips for testing video conferencing software

Thursday, January 24 2013

Video conference speakers have a wide range of information to share with participants and only a limited amount of time to complete their presentations. Testing video conferencing software in advance is valuable for moderators, as it ensures that employees can showcase quality displays during the meetings without going over their allotted time. Read

Understand your environment for a video conference

Monday, January 21 2013

A video conference enables participants to enjoy face-to-face meetings even if attendees are located miles apart, but the gatherings may sometimes seem challenging to first-time audience members. Read

How to pick a video conference moderator

Thursday, January 17 2013

Video conferencing software enables a wide variety of clients and employees to connect, but meetings can quickly become complicated if moderators are not in place. Thankfully, company officials can select representatives who can keep video meetings on track. Read

Maintain professionalism during a video conference

Monday, January 14 2013

A webinar is a useful tool that delivers information to clients and employees, and presenters can even use the web meeting for question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions. Allowing participants to make queries about the gathering's displays enhances the learning experience and allows speakers to make future improvements to their webinar materials. Read

Get the best lighting possible during a video conference

Thursday, January 10 2013

Illumination is important for video conference participants, as attendees want to ensure that they can easily be seen. Setting up lamps and other light sources before a gathering is essential, especially for audience members participating in their first remote meeting. Read

Understand the video conference viewing experience

Wednesday, January 9 2013

With video conferencing software, business leaders can talk directly to clients and employees and build relationships with meeting participants. Read

Determine the role of your video conferencing system

Wednesday, January 2 2013

A video conferencing system helps businesses in numerous ways. The platform enables company leaders to deliver valuable information to employees and clients and could potentially help an enterprise improve its profits. Read

Maintain eye contact during video conferences

Monday, December 31 2012

Eye contact is essential during face-to-face meetings and video conferences. Quality software makes video conferencing possible from numerous locations, and participants can easily maintain eye contact with attendees. Read

Begin a video conference for the first time

Thursday, December 27 2012

A first-time video conference presenter might feel anxious and nervous before a meeting. However, video conferencing provides a fun, engaging channel to interact with clients and employees, and the gathering enables speakers to easily deliver valuable information. Read

Find a font for video conference displays

Wednesday, December 26 2012

With video conferencing, presenters can deliver various materials to attendees, including charts and graphs. The information on these displays is useful, but participants must see it clearly to fully grasp its value. Read

Select an outfit for a video conference

Monday, December 24 2012

Many participants struggle with video conferencing etiquette, but these attendees can avoid difficulties by treating the meeting as they would a traditional face-to-face gathering. Read

Set up a camera for a video conference

Friday, December 21 2012

Video conferencing enables participants to speak with each other, but each attendee will need to set up a microphone in advance. Thankfully, the process is usually easy to follow and can be completed in minutes. Read

Tips for regular video conferences

Wednesday, December 19 2012

Some companies provide video conferencing software and equipment for employees, and workers can take full advantage by hosting regular online meetings. Staff members must understand how to set up periodic video conferences and effectively notify participants to maximize the value of these meetings. Read

How to start a video conference

Tuesday, December 18 2012

Video conferencing is a great way to bring a small group of employees together for an informative meeting. However, participants may be unfamiliar with one another, but this web meeting provides an ideal opportunity for attendees to become better acquainted. Read

Establish objectives for a video conference

Thursday, December 13 2012

Video conferencing is effective for company officials who want to maximize workplace productivity. The interactive tool enables businesses to connect employees from across the globe, and these workers can discuss various objectives to help their companies thrive. Read

Follow up after a video conference

Wednesday, December 12 2012

Video conferencing connects staff members from different locations, and some companies encourage workers to treat this type of meeting like a face-to-face interaction. Read

Consider your surroundings during a video conference

Wednesday, December 5 2012

Video conferencing is helpful for many businesses because it enables remote workers to interact with peers from across the globe. Read

What content can be shown during video conferences?

Tuesday, December 4 2012

A video conference is useful because it connects employees from different locations and allows them to collaboratively complete assignments. Read

Use online video software for real-life success

Tuesday, December 4 2012

Virtual meetings are quickly becoming commonplace for many big and small businesses, and companies can use video conferencing to share information and maintain productivity. Read

Top three etiquette tips for video conferences

Monday, December 3 2012

Video conferencing helps business professionals interact with peers from across the globe, and even though the distance between participants can be significant, it's important for those involved to maintain good etiquette. Read

The advantages of video conferences for addiction therapy

Friday, November 30 2012

The medical community has been quick to adopt video conferencing software for multiple forms of treatment. Read

Video conferencing can improve work to life ratio

Thursday, November 29 2012

Business travel isn't just expensive, it's also time-consuming. Read

The advantages of desktop video conferencing

Tuesday, November 27 2012

Businesses rely on video conferencing software to connect employees with clients and colleagues around the world. Read

Replacing field trips with video conferences

Tuesday, November 27 2012

Most students will tell you that their favorite school days were the ones that included field trips. Read

Department of Defense urges use of video conferences

Monday, November 26 2012

The United States government has been cutting its expenses and implementing new technology to save money and prevent its budget deficit from growing. Read

MTA using video conferences to give the public a voice

Tuesday, November 20 2012

Public transportation isn't cheap for either commuters or the state bureaus in charge of operating the services. Read

Healthcare laws lag behind technology

Thursday, November 15 2012

Medical facilities are implementing video conferencing software to give patients access to the best care possible. Read

Pharmacies adding video conferencing technology

Tuesday, November 13 2012

When patients are prescribed medications, they often require complex explanations regarding dosages, schedules and possible side effects. Read

Can video conferencing software help music education?

Monday, November 12 2012

Learning an instrument is a difficult endeavor. Read

How to get the most of a video conference

Friday, November 9 2012

Most tips or advice for using video conferencing software are usually geared toward presenters. Read

5 tips for online video interviews

Wednesday, November 7 2012

Job seekers must be prepared for every job opportunity because, in today's economy, people are lucky to even receive an interview. Read

Making eye contact during video conferences

Monday, November 5 2012

The biggest advantage video conferencing software has over other meeting technology, like telephone calls, is that these applications allow users to make eye contact. Read

More companies turn to video conferencing software for interviews

Thursday, November 1 2012

Video conferencing software is utilized in many facets of the business world. Read

Make a video conference plans and stick to them

Friday, October 26 2012

While playing things by ear can lead to success in certain situations, it's not always ideal to be unprepared and just hope for the best. Read

Can web conferencing help physical therapy?

Thursday, October 18 2012

The goal of physical therapy is to help patients recover from ailments through exercises. Read

Conferencing gets boost from eLearning endeavors

Friday, August 24 2012

Not everyone can always make it to the office, but important educational materials are still essential to getting the job done. Read

Conferencing gets boost from eLearning endeavors

Friday, August 24 2012

Not everyone can always make it to the office, but important educational materials are still essential to getting the job done. Read

Connecting online a boon to younger patients

Thursday, August 23 2012

Most people don't like taking the time out of their day to go see a doctor, even for something serious, and routine check ups can be a hassle at the best of times. Read

Building tomorrow with conferencing technology

Wednesday, August 22 2012

Young people are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, and investing in their growth and education seems like a logical decision when they are the ones who will be buying technology in years to come. Read

Increased versatility with conference coordination

Tuesday, August 21 2012

There are times when a coworker or student can't make it to a meeting due to distance and expense. Read

Getting the team together

Thursday, August 16 2012

Some companies have a number of offices spread out in a specific geographic area. Read

Conference tools give employees breathing room

Monday, August 13 2012

A growing proportion of the American workforce wants to stay home, according to recent research. Read

Drawing attention to online conferencing technology

Friday, August 10 2012

Video conferencing technology has served the business industry well for a number of years. Read

Drawing attention to online conferencing technology

Friday, August 10 2012

Video conferencing technology has served the business industry well for a number of years. Read

Drawing attention to online conferencing technology

Friday, August 10 2012

Video conferencing technology has served the business industry well for a number of years. Read

Internet users prefer video content

Wednesday, August 8 2012

Over the last few decades, the Internet has become a major force in the lives of many people around the world. Read

Doctors turn to online tools for patient outreach

Tuesday, August 7 2012

Finding ways to connect with the sickest patients is essential for doctors, as few make house calls anymore and not all people are able to get out of the house when they're most in need of medical attention. Read

Clients must be mindful of physical restrictions to video conferencing

Monday, August 6 2012

It may be simple enough to turn on a web camera attached to a laptop or sitting on top of a computer monitor, but enterprise-level audio and video conferencing solutions require more advanced solutions. Read

Expanding universe of communications options keeps video conferencing on top

Friday, August 3 2012

One of the best features of audio and video online conferencing is that it allows users the freedom to connect with coworkers from anywhere at any time of the day or night. Read

Government offices back video conferencing usage

Thursday, August 2 2012

The proliferation of online tools has spread to federal offices where email, online discussion and even cloud computing have become commonplace. Read

Collaboration moves at a faster pace for companies with the right tools

Tuesday, July 31 2012

Companies are trying to increase their reach by expanding offices, working with new utilities and finding ways of integrating online resources. Read

Current solutions need upgrades to make the most of webinars

Wednesday, July 25 2012

Businesses know that audio and video conferencing tools can add a whole new level of connectivity and productivity for employee use. Read

Current solutions need upgrades to make the most of webinars

Tuesday, July 24 2012

Businesses know that audio and video conferencing tools can add a whole new level of connectivity and productivity for employee use. Read

Saving money with conferencing tools

Tuesday, July 24 2012

Sending an email isn't as effective as talking to someone in person, but when businesses are trying to find ways to consistently save money, they need to be able to find tools that still meet basic requirements without going over the limit of a budget. Read

Online meeting tools keep more people in business

Monday, July 23 2012

There are many companies that use audio and video conferencing tools to assist with collaboration between offices, but in some cases, there is an even greater need for these utilities. Read

Increasing the quality of healthcare through communication tools

Thursday, July 19 2012

Using online web meeting tools has been a regular practice for doctors and other healthcare providers in the U.S. for a number of years, but this outlet can now assist with physician collaboration. Read

Helping people work together with online meetings

Wednesday, July 18 2012

Working on a difficult project or initiating a new program can be hard in an integrated office space, but more companies are adding remote offices and work-from-home associates which could stunt communication. Read

Staying in touch online easier with conferencing technology

Tuesday, July 17 2012

One of the leading benefits employers and other institutions cite when purchasing video conferencing tools is that they hope it will enhance the way people within their organizations communicate with one another. Read

Conferencing to promote collaboration

Thursday, July 12 2012

When a business spans across different states and even around the world, it's not always possible to have everyone in the same room. Read

Online meetings reduce business expenses

Wednesday, July 11 2012

There is no good substitute for a face-to-face conversation. That's why companies shouldn't skimp when it comes to investing in video conferencing tools, even if the initial expense may seem high. Read

Conferencing saves more for businesses

Monday, July 9 2012

Finding ways for organizations to connect and collaborate is more important than ever. Read

More businesses look to invest in conferencing

Thursday, July 5 2012

One of the major benefits of video conferencing technology is how it lets businesses connect over long distances and form collaborative groups. Read

Talking through online training made easier

Monday, July 2 2012

The convenience of online learning modules can greatly improve business productivity. Read

Businesses excited for new video conferencing technology

Friday, June 29 2012

Companies across the world are excited about incorporating HD video into their videoconferencing, and hope their hardware and internet connections can keep up. Read

Will Queens schools benefit from new video conferencing?

Wednesday, June 20 2012

Students at more than 20 schools across Queens, New York, will now be able to communicate with distant students - not just in the other boroughs, but around the world. Read

White House approves improved broadband measures

Tuesday, June 19 2012

The White House is placing a bet on broadband internet access across the country by easing its installation on federal land. Read

Pen pals becoming camera pals

Tuesday, June 19 2012

As technology has advanced and improved, the possibilities for pen pal communication have become even more varied and interesting. Read

Fitting yoga into a busy schedule

Friday, June 15 2012

People across the country are finding that video conferencing can offer an alternative to attending a gym class or following an impersonal pre-taped video. Read

Injured student speaks at her graduation from hospital room

Monday, June 11 2012

High school graduation ceremonies are among life's most important events. Read

Technology to expand homeschooling

Thursday, June 7 2012

Some parents are using video conferencing as a means of expanding their curriculum beyond their own areas of expertise. Read

Expand your employee search with video conferencing

Thursday, May 31 2012

As the country becomes increasingly mobile and businesses grow more familiar with conducting national - and even international - recruitment searches, the ability to hold a successful interview can be tough. Read

Connecting rural judges and law enforcement

Thursday, May 31 2012

Expansive, sparsely-populated states may have trouble efficiently carrying out their law and order duties. Read

Home Visit: Staying in touch with seniors through video conferencing

Wednesday, May 30 2012

With worries of potential dangers caused by isolation, however, many creative relatives and healthcare professionals are turning to video conferencing as a way to allay some of the associated problems. Read

Modernizing the visa-granting process

Friday, May 25 2012

The process of granting visas for refugees, immigrants and tourists can be a complicated one. Read

Video conferencing and the law

Tuesday, May 22 2012

Law can be a particularly collaborative field. Whether it's meeting with clients or holding firm-wide meetings, there are myriad times when real-time discussions are crucial. Read

Monkeying around: How orangutans in zoos can stay in touch

Friday, May 18 2012

Orangutans that have lost contact with their family members because they were relocated to different zoos might have a modern way of catching up - video conferencing. Read

Most Wanted: Using technology in the pursuit of justice

Tuesday, May 15 2012

Granting prisoners all the rights afforded by the constitution while ensuring safety and security at all points can be a delicate balance. Read

Pac-12 coaches hold video conferencing meeting

Friday, May 11 2012

As college football grows and the conferences shuffle, it can be difficult for coaches and athletic directors to meet to discuss important topics. Read

Using teleconferencing as a sales tool

Wednesday, May 9 2012

More than just a way of meeting or communicating with clients or collaborators, the technology is increasingly being used as a sales tool. Read

Stirring up debate across distance

Tuesday, May 8 2012

Across the globe, schools and governments are using the technology as a way to foster debate across towns, time zones and even continents. Read

New videoconferencing conference to appraise hardware

Friday, May 4 2012

Wonder what the future of video conferencing hardware looks like? Read

New technology helps classrooms expand

Thursday, May 3 2012

Classrooms, it turns out, are pretty hard to move and meeting the needs of geographically distant students can be tough. Read

Moving the couch: Telepsychiatry continues to grow

Wednesday, May 2 2012

Reclining on the psychiatrist's couch might be a thing of the past. Read

Municipal budgets can be reduced with video conferencing technology

Tuesday, May 1 2012

In an age of tight municipal budgets and struggling local economies, streamlining the processes of civic agencies is crucial. Read

Telemedicine shows no signs of slowing down

Friday, April 27 2012

A webinar is a useful tool that delivers information to clients and employees, and presenters can even use the web meeting for question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions. Allowing participants to make queries about the gathering's displays enhances the learning experience and allows speakers to make future improvements to their webinar materials. Read

Video conferencing interoperability is in high demand among businesses

Thursday, April 26 2012

Web-based conferencing interoperability is one of the most desired functions that businesses are considering when looking for solutions providers. Read

Virtual field trips are using video conferencing to provide educational experiences

Wednesday, April 25 2012

Today, a Florida classroom got to see the latest in robotic technology in action thanks to a virtual fieldtrip using video conferencing. Read

Managed video conferencing services are in high demand

Monday, April 23 2012

Companies are increasingly turning to conferencing service providers to help manage and administer their video and telepresence technology. Read

Video conferencing is evolving with the cloud

Friday, April 20 2012

A webinar is a useful tool that delivers information to clients and employees, and presenters can even use the web meeting for question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions. Allowing participants to make queries about the gathering's displays enhances the learning experience and allows speakers to make future improvements to their webinar materials. Read

Obama and Sarkozy meet in online conference

Thursday, April 19 2012

According to FirstPost, a recent online meeting between President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy focused on global diplomatic and oil market concerns. Read

Telemedicine provider is using video conferencing to employ veterans

Wednesday, April 18 2012

A webinar is a useful tool that delivers information to clients and employees, and presenters can even use the web meeting for question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions. Allowing participants to make queries about the gathering's displays enhances the learning experience and allows speakers to make future improvements to their webinar materials. Read

The number of chin implants reaches all-time highs due to video conferencing

Tuesday, April 17 2012

Experts claim the dramatic demand increase for chinplants results from women wanting a more desirable jawline for video conferencing interviews. Read

Teleconference held regarding U.S. housing trends

Monday, April 16 2012

Fitch Ratings, a major global ratings agency with over 50 offices worldwide, hosted a teleconference on Monday, April 16, 2012, explaining that initial industry data reveals the United States housing market is improving at an inconsistent rate. Read

Video conferencing technology can help you on your way to Hollywood

Wednesday, April 11 2012

Video conferencing technology allows qualified candidates to audition remotely for acting and musical jobs that were previously conducted in a face-to-face setting. Read

The Vatican has embraced video conferencing technology

Monday, April 9 2012

Recently, Vatican City, the cornerstone of the Roman Catholic Church, has widely adopted video conferencing technology across the globe in order to better communicate with employees and clergy members, according to Best in UC. Read

Video conferencing and telerehabilitation shows effective results

Friday, April 6 2012

Through the use of video conferencing technology, telerehabilitation is designed to revolutionize the treatment methods used to care for those with limited mobility. Read

What is telesurgery?

Thursday, April 5 2012

As technology continues to evolve, many ideas that were previously thought to beconsidered impossible are now realities. One such marvel of today's modern medicine practice is telesurgery. Read

Interactive kiosks plan to help retailers with video conferencing technology

Wednesday, April 4 2012

Interactive kiosks may be changing the way businesses communicate with their customers, replacing the need for face-to-face interaction with face-to-interface solutions made possible with the help of video conferencing technology. Read

Students have an out-of-this-world experience with NASA thanks to video conferencing

Tuesday, April 3 2012

Recently, a class at Montgomery Upper Middle School in New Jersey was able to have a video conference discussion with a NASA engineer along with the Space Program's educator, Michael Hare. Read

NFL Hall of Fame uses video conferencing to educate students about the value of teamwork

Monday, April 2 2012

The National Football Hall of Fame is using video conferencing technology to connect with students from across the globe to teach them more about the sport's history and the core values it represents. Read

Has video conferencing replaced the need for business travel?

Friday, March 30 2012

A recent report from CDW finds that nearly three quarters of all companies plan to implement video conferencing within the next two years. With so many companies investing in conferencing technology, has it eliminated the need for business travel completely? Read

What is a proxy marriage?

Tuesday, March 27 2012

Even if you and your significant other are separated by distance, there is still an option for you to get married while apart. It is called a proxy marriage, and it is becoming more of a common practice through the use of video conferencing technology. Read

Video conferencing continues to help with educational costs

Monday, March 26 2012

A regional organization has reported substantial savings of more than $100,000 on annual professional development costs alone due to Internet-based web conferencing. Read

Video conferencing remains affordable even as features increase

Friday, March 23 2012

The common trend with video conferencing technology is that it continues to remain affordable even as it incorporates more features and applications, a recent article by Business Insider reports. Read

Consider video conferencing therapy

Thursday, March 22 2012

Video conferencing therapy is an approach that may be useful for the treatment of anxiety. Read increases participation in educational seminars through video conferencing

Wednesday, March 21 2012

With the use of video conferencing technology offered through, Texas Occupational Therapy Association seminars have been revoloutionized. Read

Telemedicine market to double within 5 years due to video conferencing

Tuesday, March 20 2012

BCC Research, released a report indicating that the global market for video conferencing-based telemedicine will more than double within the next five years to nearly $27.3 billion, according to a press release by Global Information Incorporated. Read

White House encourages video conferencing to cut excess spending

Tuesday, March 20 2012

In an executive order put into place late last year, President Obama committed to reducing waste and excess spending by governmental agencies by encouraging the use of video conferencing technology. Read

Organization uses video conferencing to help soldiers stay in touch with family and friends

Monday, March 19 2012

The Freedom Calls Foundation, is a non-profit organization that was created shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq to help keep military families connected. It is still in operation today, thanks in part to video conferencing. Read

Virtual field trip to Ellis Island with teach students early 20th century immigration life

Friday, March 16 2012

Over one million students from across the U.S. will virtually travel to Ellis Island in New York Harbor courtesy of web and video conferencing on March 29 to learn the history of early American immigration on Read

Advantages of distance education through video conferencing

Friday, March 16 2012

According to the U.S. Department of Education's National Forum on Education Statistics, distance learning with the help of video conferencing technology is now an integral role for most organizations involved with teaching to consider. Read

$22 Billion to be spent on video conferencing within five years

Thursday, March 15 2012

The demand for video and web based conferencing is showing no signs of slowing down. Study experts expect $22 billion to be spent by enterprises on video conferencing and telepresence technology between 2012 to 2016. Read

Hepatitis C outcomes improved via web conferencing for isolated patients

Wednesday, March 14 2012

The Robert Wood Johnson foundation estimated 3.2 million people in the United States are infected with hepatitis C, a virus that kills thousands each year. In order to help those infected in remote locations, scientists studied implementing the use of video conferencing for patient treatment. Read

The benefits of using video conferencing technology for practicing Telemedicine

Tuesday, March 13 2012

As the demand for Video conferencing grows, so does the range of possibilities. One field taking full advantage of the benefits of video conferencing is Telemedicine. Read

Video conferencing demand shows no sign of slowing down

Friday, March 9 2012

A recent report released by the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows the implementation of video conferencing is rapidly accelerating. Read

Making video conferencing software work for your business

Thursday, March 8 2012

There are many expenses to consider when starting a new business, and in this economy it may be difficult to raise the funds needed to get your great idea off the ground. One option to help cut expenses with opening a new business is incorporating a well thought out video conferencing system. Read

Video conferencing advantages for businesses and applicants

Tuesday, March 6 2012

With the ever increasingly competitive job market, employers are seeking workers from across the globe who can best suit their needs. To help cut these expenditures, more employers are utilizing video conferencing software to interview candidates for positions. Read

Video conferencing eases distance between travelers and families

Monday, March 5 2012

Today's job market is highly competitive and requires many workers to frequently travel for their jobs. However, the constant travel comes with a price - too much time spent away from family. Now, travelers can utilize technology to make business trips more convenient for everyday life. Video conferencing may help you feel a little closer to home and stay connected with friends and family. Read

Video conferencing: The next step for poker?

Friday, March 2 2012

Millions of Americans play poker in casinos regularly, and now many have turned to the internet to provide them with a means of playing the game. Read

Video conferencing enriches lives of nursing home residents

Thursday, March 1 2012

Nursing home residents can potentially enjoy a better quality of life with visits from friends and family through easy-to-use video conferencing technology Read

Video conferencing improves emergency plans

Wednesday, February 29 2012

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), every family should have an emergency plan so they know where to seek safety, how to contact one another and where to meet once it's safe. Read

Master the mandolin with video conferencing

Wednesday, February 29 2012

For those who have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument but have never had the time, video conferencing can offer an innovative solution. Read

Planning your business trip

Friday, February 17 2012

If you're planning a business trip to meet with affiliates or clients, you should consider the following tips to make your travel plans and negotiations run smoothly. Read

Green tactics for your business

Wednesday, February 15 2012

In addition to minimizing a carbon footprint, going green saves money. Here are a few ways to cut your monthly business expenses. Read

A few ways to cut business expenses

Tuesday, February 14 2012

Every business can implement the following solutions to cut costs on maintenance and energy. Read

Business owners handling rising expense costsBusiness owners handling rising expense costs

Monday, February 13 2012

If you are a business owner having a difficult time managing your expenses, there are a number of great cost-efficient tactics that can lighten the burden. Read

Three areas you should focus on when starting up a business

Wednesday, February 8 2012

As a founder of a startup company, your creative thinking, ability to innovate and motivation is not in question, but there are certain things you can do to make your business as professional as an established enterprise. Read

Why a video conference is better

Tuesday, February 7 2012

In the brick-and-mortar days of running a business, meetings with business affiliates were meant to be face-to-face. Read

Save thousands on business trips

Friday, February 3 2012

Business trips often can't be avoided, as your presence may be required at a remote location - but with the implementation of web meetings and video conferences, you can potentially save thousands of dollars and avoid an unnecessary flight to your business affiliates. Read

President discusses employment issues with civilian over video conference

Thursday, February 2 2012

It's not often that Americans are able to interact one-on-one with the President of the United States, but Jennifer Wedel was one of the lucky few able to talk with Barack Obama through a web meeting. Read

Foreign language teachers use video conferencing technology to reach students

Thursday, February 2 2012

Video conferencing often presents the opportunity for students to meet with teachers from afar when they aren't able to connect in person. Read

Online shoppers can get personal service with video conferencing

Wednesday, February 1 2012

As retail technology has developed, merchants have faced the challenge of replicating the interactive and personal aspects of face-to-face customer shopping experiences. Read

Classrooms go global with video conferencing

Tuesday, January 31 2012

Organizations such as My Culture Connect and the Flat Classroom project are encouraging schools to break down cultural barriers and engage with students in faraway classrooms through video conferencing. Read

Video conferencing used to meet astronauts in orbit

Wednesday, January 25 2012

Video conferencing technology can make it possible for individuals to meet across long distances, sparing them the travel time and expenses. Read

Colorado schools use video conferencing to promote learning through technology

Thursday, January 19 2012

Littleton Public Schools in Colorado are using video conferencing technology in their classrooms to further learning goals and create distance learning opportunities. Read

Video conferencing gets cultured

Wednesday, January 11 2012

Video conferencing technology that was once just used in offices to hold business meetings is being used as a way to share cultural experiences like art and museum exhibits. Read

What to do when you have a video conference interview

Tuesday, January 10 2012

Conducting interviews through video conferencing is becoming a viable option for businesses looking to cut travel costs. Read

Tips for success in video conferencing

Monday, January 9 2012

As businesses continue to use video conferencing for its ability to cut traveling costs, increase productivity and improve their carbon footprint, it's important for presenters to know what to expect when they're not meeting face-to-face. Read

London businesses may turn to video conferencing during 2012 games

Monday, January 9 2012

UK transport minister Norman Baker has been encouraging businesses to take up video conferencing as a way to work remotely during the 2012 Olympic games. Read

Post-op patients use video conferencing technology

Friday, January 6 2012

In a recent pilot program at the Children's Hospital Boston, doctors monitored post-operative patients using video conferencing technology after they were sent home. Read

Developing cloud technology could lower video conferencing costs in 2012

Thursday, January 5 2012

Businesses experiencing the budget saving benefits of web conferencing might be pleasantly surprised if predictions come true that cloud-based solutions will drive down video conferencing costs. Read

Video conferencing enhancing emergency response

Thursday, January 5 2012

Government agencies are using video conferencing in an effort to enhance emergency response through training programs and real-time communication. Read

Classes can use video conferencing to take virtual field trips

Wednesday, January 4 2012

Classrooms can use video conferencing to take virtual field trips that create an interactive experience for students without the high admission costs or travel expenses. Read

Offer support to a concerned caregiver with video conferencing technology

Wednesday, December 28 2011

Parents no longer have to feel guilt when they want to leave the kids at home with a babysitter and get out of the house for a night. Read

Avoid unwanted obligations with video conferencing technology

Tuesday, December 27 2011

Traveling long hours to visit the in-laws may not be at the top of an individual's list of favorite activities. Read

Video conferencing technology reduces excessive travel costs of the U.S. Interior Department

Friday, December 23 2011

Officials of the United States Department of the Interior tend to travel frequently to locations including Sacramento, Boise and Fairbanks to care for the area's national parks and water projects. Read

Gain the whole truth from employees with video conferencing technology

Wednesday, December 21 2011

A new research study in the Journal of Business Ethics has discovered that individuals are more likely to lie through text-based messages via phone or email than through face-to-face interaction, video conferencing or audio communication. Read

Celebrate landmark events at remote locations with video conferencing

Tuesday, December 20 2011

With the use of video conferencing, business professionals no longer have to miss out on major milestone events in the office simply because they are away on business trips. Read

President Obama will use video conferencing to participate in caucus night

Monday, December 19 2011

According to a report by Quad-City Times, President Obama will appear via online conferencing at various Republican-supported caucus sites on January 3, 2012. Read

Create high-intensive training programs with video conferencing

Friday, December 16 2011

In a fast-moving, start-up company environment, existing experts are working around the clock to mold the frame of the business and think ahead to gain an edge against the competition. Read

Web conferencing opens communication for military veterans and addiction treatment patients

Friday, December 16 2011

Addiction treatment companies are catching on to the benefits of video conferencing, using the service to provide outpatient treatment to individuals who may have recently moved far away from their therapy service or who choose to undergo treatment from the comfort of their own home. Read

Michigan courts put video conferencing into effect in the past year

Thursday, December 15 2011

Two county courts in Michigan are enforcing video conferencing tactics instead of transporting inmates across county lines and forcing forensic experts to testify in the courtroom. Read

Cutting edge bakeries use video conferencing for remote cake orders

Wednesday, December 14 2011

Carlo's Bakery, the famed bakery of Buddy Vastro in Hoboken, New Jersey, demonstrated the innovation of video conferencing technology in its own creative fashion by crafting realistic replicas of the telecommunication tools. Read

Video conferencing can improve communication for traveling delivery workers

Tuesday, December 13 2011

Some industries require year-round travel for workers, particularly in the fields of delivery and distribution. Read

Video conferencing offers expansive networks an effective form of communication

Friday, December 9 2011

In an environment such as a TV news station, video conferencing services can offer a large team a way to communicate effectively and quickly. Read

An international technology company uses video conferencing to eliminate email clutter

Friday, December 9 2011

Atos, a global company with its headquarters in France, is aiming to become an email-free company by 2013. Read

Video conferencing makes strides in improving health care

Wednesday, December 7 2011

Follow-up doctors' appointments have never seemed easier since the growing use of video conferencing. Read

Video conferencing improves communication for deaf individuals

Monday, December 5 2011

Some individuals may partake in video conferencing as a fun form of communication that enhances the intimacy of a conversation with face-to-face contact. Read

Video conferencing helps workers appreciate occasional travel

Thursday, December 1 2011

In some work environments, travel is a top priority to success. Read

Video conferencing assists intensive care specialists in treating patients around the clock

Wednesday, November 30 2011

A new method of technology is making its way into intensive care units in hospitals around the country - video conferencing. Read

Jails implement video conferencing to minimize risks related to personal contact

Tuesday, November 29 2011

County jails in New York, Tennessee and other states are implementing video conferencing services as inmates' main method of communication. Read

Political figures can maintain a community presence with video conferencing

Monday, November 28 2011

Individuals who wish to excel in the political sphere know the importance of upholding a good reputation in the public eye. Read

Video conferencing market to reach $14 billion in five years

Tuesday, November 22 2011

A recent report by the Global Industry Analysts stated that the world video conferencing market is set to reach $14 billion by 2017. Read

An online meeting can accommodate busy teachers and parents for school conferences

Monday, November 21 2011

Video conferencing could be the solution to setting up parent-teacher meetings when their busy schedules cannot accommodate a physical face-to-face conference. Read

Shop online and meet store clerks via video conferencing

Thursday, November 17 2011

This holiday season, some stores may make shopping easier with video conferencing customer service methods. Read

Get ahead in the workplace with mobile video conferencing

Wednesday, November 16 2011

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, video will be 65 percent of mobile data traffic in the U.S. by the year 2015, and much of that can be credited to video conferencing software. Read

Hospitals use video conferencing to improve children's quality of life

Wednesday, November 16 2011

With video conferencing technology, hospitals have made seeing family members as easy as looking at the TV screen at the end of a patient's hospital bed. Read

Video conferencing unites high schools in reading discussions

Tuesday, November 15 2011

Young students have reaped the benefits of video conferencing in the classroom. Read

Avoid email miscommunication with video conferencing

Friday, November 11 2011

Even a light-hearted joke can come off as rude or offensive in an email. Read

How to succeed in a video conferencing interview

Thursday, November 10 2011

The scheduled interview is a video conferencing interview, a technique that more than half of the largest U.S. companies are already utilizing, according to a study conducted at Yale University. Read

Video conferencing enhances therapy sessions

Wednesday, November 9 2011

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, approximately one quarter of American adults are diagnosed with one or more mental disorders. Read

Mobile phones and video conferencing both improve communication

Tuesday, November 8 2011

These days, everyone has a smartphone. Whether for business or personal use, these devices come with a variety of capabilities. Read

Companies can create private branding video conferencing

Thursday, November 3 2011

The business world revolves around image. The services that thrive are those that provide the most innovation and are the most technically advanced. Read

Seek to inform consumers with unique webinars

Wednesday, November 2 2011

When attempting to make an impact in a competitive global market, organizations look for innovative ways to make a positive last impression on consumers and clients alike. Read

Pull an all-nighter with video conferencing

Tuesday, November 1 2011

It is difficult for students to organize themselves and find time for group projects. With all of the responsibilities that are expected of students in today's educational world, it is no wonder that individuals spend more time stressing than ever before. Read

Employees can attend their children's activities by using video conferencing technology

Monday, October 31 2011

Business trips get in the way of personal responsibilities. Of course, in order to lead a prosperous life, some sacrifices must be made. However, the line becomes a bit blurred when it comes down to choosing to travel across the globe to finalize a partnership or attending a graduation ceremony. Read

Video conferencing and the remote work lifestyle

Friday, October 28 2011

Video conferencing is an effective way to improve productivity in the office. Read

Video conferencing is only useful when it's high quality

Tuesday, October 25 2011

For businesses, video conferencing is only beneficial when it is high quality. Read

Video conferencing improves employee training

Friday, October 21 2011

Considering how much time it takes to train new employees, it's no wonder that fewer companies are wasting time by informing individuals of policies and procedures in person. Read

Video conferencing promotes thought leadership

Thursday, October 20 2011

In some cases, improved communication can affect productivity within a company. Read

Provide better customer service with video conferencing

Wednesday, October 19 2011

Whether it is comfortable to admit or not, banks are important to our daily lives. Read

Video conference on the go with a tablet computer

Monday, October 17 2011

Technology changes regularly. After saving up for months to purchase a device, it could be extremely outdated within just a few weeks. Read

Video conferencing improves communication between associates

Friday, October 14 2011

Large corporations often take up multiple floors of towering office buildings. Read

Video conferencing enhances communication

Friday, October 14 2011

Information is a valuable commodity. Those who have it often overlook it, while those who want it tend to overly immerse themselves in a subject thinking they'll come away a genius. However, that's rarely how it works. Read

Study abroad with video conferencing technology

Thursday, October 13 2011

Students study abroad in a number of amazing and exotic places. For many, it is the first time they've left the country, and the experience can be overwhelming. Read

Only some video conferencing platforms allow you to invite all your friends

Wednesday, October 12 2011

Video conferencing technology is everywhere. Read

Remote workers benefit most from video conferencing software

Monday, October 10 2011

The competitive global market has caused many businesses to seek out the top talent no matter their geographic locations. In some instances, the most qualified individual for an open position may be halfway around the world. Read

Improve your business with video conferencing

Friday, October 7 2011

In most industries, communication is essential in order to be successful. Failure to effectively communicate thoughts, ideas and problems with staff members could result in unfavorable circumstances. Read

Video conferencing helps retailers to offer the same services with fewer employees

Thursday, October 6 2011

Service-based businesses can reduce overhead costs by implementing video conferencing software. While this technology won't ever completely eliminate the need to employ a full workforce, it can be used to limit the number of associates an organization needs to complete simple tasks. Read

Video conferencing connects remote students to the classroom

Wednesday, October 5 2011

Universities attract a wide-range of students, each coming from a separate and unique background. Depending on the educational program, students may be enrolled remotely and attend classes by using innovative technology such as video conferencing. Read

Video conferencing can improve communication within a business

Tuesday, October 4 2011

Business owners have to remain connected with their offices no matter where they are. However, traveling to clients and meeting with industry leaders is also part of their jobs. Read

Video conferencing has evolved over the years

Friday, September 30 2011

Business travel is necessary for communication in many industries because employees often need to meet with clients in order to collaborate on projects. Read

Video conferencing can improve the customer experience

Thursday, September 29 2011

Services such as transportation systems, libraries and banks can benefit from recent advances made in video conferencing technology. Read

Video conferencing can help to train new employees

Thursday, September 29 2011

Recent increases in the adoption of remote work policies at many companies show that more companies are hiring employees based on their skill and experience rather than geographical location. Read

MegaMeeting can help to meet deadlines

Wednesday, September 28 2011

A journalist is sitting at his desk looking nervous. A deadline is approaching and he's missing a major part of his investigative report. Read

MegaMeeting can help doctors to make difficult decisions

Wednesday, September 28 2011

Hospitals that treat patients for severe injuries or medical complications can benefit from video conferencing software. In emergency situations, time is of the utmost importance. The right decision, when made in a timely manner, can mean the difference between life and death. Read

MegaMeeting improves communication between businesses and their clients

Tuesday, September 27 2011

Businesses are employing a larger number of remote workers than in the past. These offsite employees conduct work from home, reducing overhead costs for businesses and improving their morale. Read

Video conferencing saves taxpayers money

Tuesday, September 27 2011

Court systems that use video conference software save taxpayers money. The technology helps to connect individuals in confinement with judges without having to employ a large number of uniformed officers to oversee the process. Read

Decisions get made faster with MegaMeeting

Friday, September 23 2011

A successful office must be an open book. Communication between a coworker and his office manager is essential to productivity. However, with more companies expanding their workforces and creating remote work policies, distance has gotten in the way of face-to-face contact. Read

MegaMeeting can help ill students receive an education

Thursday, September 22 2011

Serious illnesses, such as mononucleosis or strep throat, can keep students out of classes for weeks or months at a time. While wellness is a top priority, being unable to receive the proper education can prevent a student from graduating on time. Read

MegaMeeting can connect students from around the world

Wednesday, September 21 2011

It seems that with each passing day, more and more controversial topics are being discussed in public. Read

Video conferencing is useful for connecting members of the press to news stories and people

Tuesday, September 20 2011

When it comes to international debates, the global population benefits from the participation of a wide variety of reporters, politicians and citizens. Press video conferencing has emerged as a way for individuals to voice their opinions on topics that impact people all over the world. Read

MegaMeeting helps employees remain on the same page

Friday, September 16 2011

Large corporations are comprised of several branches located across a single country or even the world. Being able to actively communicate with distant fellow staff members at will can help eliminate miscommunication and aid in keeping projects on target. Read

Students can inquire about resources through video conferencing

Thursday, September 15 2011

On college campuses, there are many opportunities for students to improve their knowledge. Read

Video conferencing can make hospital visits easier

Wednesday, September 14 2011

Video conferencing can improve a patient's hospital experience. Individuals that have to spend extended periods of time under the care of a doctor are often cooped up in uncomfortably sanitized rooms. The echoing hallways and constant footsteps can be disruptive when the loneliness isn't difficult to deal with. Read

MegaMeeting can allow community members to participate in meetings from remote locations

Tuesday, September 13 2011

County meetings have always been open to the public, but attracting citizens to participate in them can sometimes be difficult. Read

MegaMeeting helps add new perspectives to the classroom

Friday, September 9 2011

Video conferencing may not completely revise the education system, but it will significantly impact the learning tools used in the classroom. Read

Video conferencing brings back the personal aspect of digital communication

Thursday, September 8 2011

Improving communication between a corporation and a potential client helps to establish a better rapport, and in some cases, can solidify a partnership. Read

Video conferencing improves communication within a business

Wednesday, September 7 2011

Video conferencing improves communication between businesses and their clients. While the communication tool has been available for years, it has only recently emerged as a highly effective tool to improve connectivity between collaborators. Read

Video conferencing helps older workers stay on the payroll

Tuesday, September 6 2011

Age has always been a problem when it comes to careers. Read

Video conferencing improves the classroom experience

Tuesday, September 6 2011

Before video conferencing had been widely accepted as an easy way to visually communicate with audiences, guest speakers were limited to the number of presentations they could give in one day. Read

Could classes taught via video conferencing become commonplace?

Friday, September 2 2011

Colleges recently have begun to offer entire courses supported by recorded lectures called podcasts. Best used for students who are unable to attend classes in person, the lessons help educate individuals and help them save costs in travel. Read

Companies continue to invest in video conferencing equipment

Wednesday, August 31 2011

Video conferencing has already become a vital communication tool for businesses around the world. Read

Video conferencing technology is more reliable when based in software rather than hardware

Tuesday, August 30 2011

There are numerous benefits to video conferencing. Read

Organization is the key to success for any online meeting

Monday, August 29 2011

The technology needed to allow companies to hold remote meetings is becoming easier to acquire and opportunities to save money on business travel are becoming more common. Read

Doctors can use video conferencing to help save lives

Friday, August 26 2011

Imagine studying abroad in Helsinki, Finland. Read

Video conferencing at self-checkout stations

Monday, August 22 2011

In recent years at many retail stores, computerized self-checkout stations have replaced personalized check-out stands. Read

Video conferencing can help repair workers to investigate issues before they travel

Friday, August 19 2011

Video conferencing is a great way to improve customer relations. Many service-based jobs rely on customer feedback, and for repair businesses, video conferencing can save them a lot of money on travel expenses. Read

Video conferencing makes touring schools easier

Thursday, August 18 2011

Universities are beginning to offer online interviews to potential students. Read

Police agencies embrace video conferencing

Wednesday, August 17 2011

Video conferencing equipment can be used to allow police officials to discuss important issues with other branches, the public or a governing body at any time of day. Read

ATMs soon to have video conferencing capabilities

Tuesday, August 16 2011

Video conferencing has changed the way we communicate with businesses and with one another. Whether used to conduct interviews with potential new-hires across the country or to reduce travel expenses, video conferencing has developed a new method of communication. Read

Video conferencing makes group projects easier

Monday, August 15 2011

Students in colleges and universities all over the world are often put into groups and given projects to complete together. Read

Video conferencing equipment cuts down on commute times

Friday, August 12 2011

When discussing the uses of video conferencing, the benefits that are typically mentioned revolve around improved connectivity between coworkers and clients Read

Video conferencing helps news outlets conduct interviews

Thursday, August 11 2011

When they read the news today, most people want to be informed about the latest headlines from all over the country, not just their local bubble. News sources are left with the tough task of figuring out how to provide newsworthy topics in a credible way. Read

Video conferencing is an important technology in the classroom

Wednesday, August 10 2011

Growing up, kids are taught that excelling in school will result in getting into a good college or university. Not that the sentiment is wrong, but most teachers tend to leave out the part about being able to afford it. Read

MegaMeeting helps bring more employees to business conferences

Tuesday, August 9 2011

Companies that have clients and sister organizations overseas know how important staying connected is. Read

Hybrid operating rooms come with video conferencing equipment

Monday, August 8 2011

Hospitals across the country are embracing new medical technological innovations that offer solutions to common surgical issues. A new wave of heart procedures are expected to gain federal approval over the next few years based around newly invented Hybrid ORs. Read

Video conferencing helps connect office branches

Thursday, August 4 2011

Businesses have been using video conferencing to cut travel costs for years. Read

Video conferencing helps reveal nonverbal clues in communication

Wednesday, August 3 2011

Video conferencing is an important technology to have in any corporate business. It is the preferred method of communication in the absence of physical proximity due to the ability it provides to read client and coworkers nonverbal clues. Read

Video conferencing in the classroom

Tuesday, August 2 2011

Video conferencing software has changed the dynamic of the classroom for many students. Read

Improvements in technology build trust between employers and employees

Monday, August 1 2011

Employers are looking for potential new hires based on talent rather than geographical location. Read

Online business practices promote an eco-friendly reputation

Friday, July 29 2011

Companies are slowly switching over to cloud computing as a way to lower operational costs and promote a green reputation in the office. Read

Medicine benefits from video conference technology

Wednesday, July 27 2011

Video conferencing is affecting medical practices across the globe. Sometimes viewed as a major innovation and a giant technological leap, telemedicine has changed the way doctors and patients interact as we know it. Read

Video conferences could help victims of substance abuse

Tuesday, July 26 2011

Substance abuse and alcohol addiction have plagued many people across the world. Telephone hotlines have long been used to help curb urges and deter users from spiralling further out of control. Read

Video conferencing use in trials reduces costs for court systems

Monday, July 25 2011

There once was a time where if someone was caught committing a crime, justice was served immediately. Read

Video conferencing in schools is changing the way kids learn

Wednesday, July 20 2011

In the past, school systems were limited to the knowledge held by their staff. However, today teachers and experts in different fields of study are able to teach a class collectively. Read

Customer service made easier with video conferencing technology

Tuesday, July 19 2011

Many people resent being put on hold while trying to reach a customer service agent. Any alteration in sound raises hopes that they are about to be switched over to a real person. Read

Video conferencing gives parents their children back

Tuesday, July 19 2011

Two young girls were reunited with their deported parents due to testimony given over a web conference in a U.S. court. This is one of the first examples of international testimony given through this type of technology and offers insight into how our judicial system can conduct hearings with prosecutors or defendants in separate locations. Read

Video conferencing speeds up the hiring process for many businesses

Monday, July 18 2011

The job market is tough these days, and for employers in search of new employees, it is important to be able to access the best possible option no matter where they're located. Read

Web conferencing is changing the way lessons are taught in classrooms

Friday, July 15 2011

Advanced education is becoming increasingly important in the enrichment of our lives. On average, more people are attending universities and colleges than any generation before, and with this new desire to keep learning comes different platforms on which it is received. Read

Tips for delivering a speech using video conferencing

Wednesday, July 13 2011

In the past, meetings between management and clients or employees were held in a personal setting. Read

Telemedicine in prisons is born thanks to advancements in web conferencing technology.

Wednesday, July 13 2011

Prisoners can fall victim to disease just like the rest of humanity. It is immoral to deny them the right to see a doctor, but with rising costs of travel and inherent risks in transporting criminals to and from facilities, the use of telemedicine is becoming more popular in correctional environments. Read

Video conferencing cuts costs for businesses

Tuesday, July 12 2011

With new ways to video chat evolving across multiple platforms, it is only natural for video conferencing to steadily climb in rank of preferred communication methods between businesses and clients each year. Read

Companies should embrace employee training to optimize video conferencing

Friday, July 8 2011

Many of the skills and talents that workers are called upon to use in the course of a job require little to no training. Read

Video conferencing makes lengthy hospital stays easier for children

Wednesday, July 6 2011

One industry that is uniquely positioned to take advantage of video conferencing technology is medicine. Read

Video conference summit seeks to bridge gap between business and government

Friday, July 1 2011

Web conferencing technology has been increasingly used by private companies as well as government agencies. Read

United States Congress set to embrace video conferencing

Thursday, June 30 2011

If there is one organization in all of North America that has spending and savings in mind, it is the United State Congress. Read

New software could bridge the gap between video conferencing systems

Wednesday, June 29 2011

One of the biggest challenges faced by video conferencing technology is the mismatch of file formats and input devices between different systems. Read

Pennsylvania County saves money by embracing video conferencing

Tuesday, June 28 2011

The precursor to Delaware County, Pennsylvania's current web conferencing system was implemented in 1984, the Delaware County Daily Times reports. Read

Internet speed creates video conferencing limitations

Friday, June 24 2011

As travel costs rise and software prices drop, more companies are discovering that there are incredible savings to be had by using video conferencing technology. Read

Video communications systems expected to grow in number this year

Friday, June 24 2011

Companies are realizing the benefits of video conferencing technology more and more every year. Read

African businesses find success through video conferencing

Wednesday, June 22 2011

The continent of Africa is constantly plagued by tragedy, from political upheavals to massive health epidemics. Read

Video conferencing connects teams and players on NBA draft day

Tuesday, June 21 2011

One of the largest televised video conferencing conversations ever organized is set to take place on the NBA's draft day Read

India's high court hears case through video conferencing technology

Wednesday, June 15 2011

The United States Supreme Court has yet to allow photographs or video cameras inside its chamber. Read

Cleveland's Cuyahoga County may soon implement grand jury video conferencing

Tuesday, June 14 2011

After a test run in outlying towns, the city of Cleveland and its county's constituent municipalities are receiving pressure from prosecutor's offices to implement video conferencing for grand jury testimony. Read

Green video conferencing technology used for corporate accountability

Friday, June 10 2011

Most web conferencing applications facilitate the collaboration between two or more employees at the same company. Read

Standardization and collaboration come to the video conferencing industry

Tuesday, June 7 2011

When new technology arrives on the market, one of the first problems that arises is the need for products from different companies to be able to interact with one another. Read

New audio format developed to make video conferencing even better

Monday, June 6 2011

One important step on the road to the current state of digital music was the creation of high-quality audio formats that could quickly be copied and transmitted. Read

Australia's far-apart cities make internet traffic grow

Thursday, June 2 2011

The nation of Australia is quite large, yet its interior is rural and mostly uninhabited. As a result, cities and towns Down Under are often far flung and inconvenient to travel between. Read

New program allows veterans to interview for jobs via video conferencing

Wednesday, June 1 2011

National unemployment in the United States hovers around 9 percent. This number is unfortunate, yet what may be even more unfortunate is the jobless rate for veterans. Read

Political activists connect via web conference

Tuesday, May 31 2011

Video conferencing technology is a great way for companies to collaborate on projects - and it seems that people fighting for freedom around the world have come to the same conclusion. Read

Canada leads the world in web conferencing for medical care

Tuesday, May 31 2011

Like many industrialized nations, Canada has an efficient health care system. Read

Indian citizens hold regular video conferences with politicians

Wednesday, May 25 2011

Those who think government should be run like a business would be pleased with the Indian state of Dehli's most recent innovation: government web conferencing. Read

Massachusetts researchers video conference to cure AIDS

Wednesday, May 25 2011

Massachusetts General Hospital, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, founded HIV Online Provider Education (HOPE) in 2004 as a means to share information and research in the quest to cure AIDS Read

Taking a shortcut around prayer, the Pope teleconferences with the heavens

Tuesday, May 24 2011

Depending upon what you believe, the Pope has made either one of the shortest or one of the longest communications into the sky. According to PC Magazine, Benedict XVI held a video chat with astronauts on the International Space Station this week. Read

Video conferences between lawyers and suspects save governments money

Tuesday, May 24 2011

Every movie or television program about the police invariably has a scene in which suspects are told their rights. One right that everyone remembers: the right to an attorney. Read

Video conferencing making great strides for education

Monday, May 23 2011

The use of web conference technology solves many problems. It can bridge the gap between people who are many miles apart, and great deal of money is saved when video conferencing reduces the need for paper products. Read

Video conferencing ATMs are green and efficient

Thursday, May 19 2011

One of the many benefits of web conferencing is that it saves money. Read

New study reveals how many doctors use video conferencing

Monday, May 16 2011

No one likes to sit in a doctor's office, waiting to speak with a physician - and not least of all when the matter is something trivial. More and more doctors may be using video conferencing, but it seems that there's still a long way to go. Read

Video conference brings together soldier and students

Thursday, May 12 2011

This week saw an inauspicious but emotional new use for web conference technology. In Ames, Iowa, a soldier in Afghanistan was able to take part in a junior high school band recital. Read

Government meetings held more and more via web conference

Wednesday, May 11 2011

International leaders are increasingly using video conferencing as a means to hold summits, attend seminars and meet collaborators. Read

To save money and the environment, courts turn to video conferencing

Monday, May 9 2011

As the technology becomes more affordable, web conferences are increasing as a means for city and state court systems to hand down judgements. Read

NASA holds video conference with students

Friday, May 6 2011

In celebration of Earth Day, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, hosted a web chat conference with students all over the country. Read

Know your required level of video conferencing

Thursday, May 5 2011

As the Mother Nature Network reminds us, besides being convenient, web conferencing and video conferences can really help us keep the planet environmentally safe. Read

Video conferencing robots being used in California hospitals

Thursday, April 28 2011

Talk about high-tech: Hospitals in California are using robots on wheels to connect doctors who may not currently be physically available to patients using video conferencing technology. Read

States can save more money with telehealth practices

Wednesday, April 27 2011

States around the country are looking for more ways to lower their deficits by seeking approval to use their Medicaid funds to promote telehealth efforts. Read

Businesses hit by rising fuel costs could benefit from video conferencing

Wednesday, April 27 2011

The steep increase in fuel prices is becoming a raising concern for many business owners everywhere. Read

NFL commissioner using video conferencing to interact with fans

Tuesday, April 26 2011

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be interacting with fans for a question-and-answer session with the help of video conferencing technology at the Bears Expo. Read

Desktop video conferencing can be a batter alternative to enterprise systems

Tuesday, April 26 2011

Enterprise video conferencing systems are often prone to scheduling issues. Companies normally only have a handful of conference rooms dedicated solely to the technology, and employees looking to use the infrastructure normally have to go through some sort of scheduling system. Read

Video conferencing technology headed into boardroom meetings

Monday, April 25 2011

Video conferencing may have been around for a while, but it has only recently been used in board meetings in major corporations in the U.S. Read

Vatican City getting in on the video conferencing technology

Friday, April 22 2011

The sovereign territory of the Holy See is beefing up its technological infrastructure by deploying video conferencing technology within the city to enhance communications within the organization around the world. Read

Indian chief minister uses video conferencing for business culture meet

Thursday, April 21 2011

London recently held the Gujarat Success Business Culture Meet to discuss the current economic developments in the Indian region of Gujarat. Read

Choose the right video conferencing solution for your needs

Thursday, April 21 2011

If you're a business owner looking for ways to include new forms of technology into your everyday operating system to help alleviate overhead expenses, you've probably heard about different kinds of video conferencing technology already. Read

How video conferencing can help small businesses

Tuesday, April 19 2011

Video conferencing technology has become as pervasive as ever, used by major companies to streamline decision-making tasks and reduce travel expenses. Read

Video conferencing can be helpful in completing tasks

Monday, April 18 2011

No work environment is perfect, and there are many different factors that can weigh in on the success of your team. Read

Georgia World Bank office participates in video conferencing

Friday, April 15 2011

Not everyone was able to make it physically to the World Bank's World Development Report on Conflict, Security and Development held in Washington D.C. Read

IT company adopts video conferencing solution

Thursday, April 14 2011

With 1,150 staff members around the world, IT company Oakton adopted video conferencing technology in many of its branches to reduce travel costs and improve communications. Read

Goodwin Center helping Holocaust survivors share their stories through video conferencing

Tuesday, April 12 2011

Holocaust survivors will share their stories with different schools in New Jersey with the help of video conferencing technology. Read

Federal grant helps Missouri patients

Monday, April 11 2011

The Missouri Telehealth Network recently received a $220,000 federal grant, allowing the organization to expand its system to further connect rural patients with healthcare providers through video conferencing technology. Read

Health care leaders agree on importance of telehealth

Friday, April 8 2011

We all know that technology like video conferencing is revolutionizing the way people do business. Read

Demand for video conferencing increasing in South Africa

Thursday, April 7 2011

Last year, business jet-setters were wary of traveling due to the influx of visitors for the World Cup, so many relied on video conferencing technology instead. Read

Telework Week saved employees close to $3 million

Wednesday, April 6 2011

Telework Exchange deemed National Telework Week a success, reporting that employees and businesses saved $2.7 million in commuting costs. Read

The rising market for videoconferencing

Tuesday, April 5 2011

Video conferencing is slowly becoming a necessity for companies that want to keep up with the competition in the global community. Read

Video conferencing taking off in rural Australian clinics

Monday, April 4 2011

Broadband systems in Australia's rural areas are paving the way for a new kind of patient care. Read

Mobile workforce managers can benefit from non-traditional communications like videoconferencing

Friday, April 1 2011

Most business owners may still be unprepared for the evolving work environment. Read

Shareholders meet through videoconferencing

Thursday, March 31 2011

Vietnamese companies are using the power of videoconferencing to hold general shareholder meetings in the country. Read

University providing medical services through videoconferencing

Thursday, March 31 2011

A Texas A&M University-led team recently started a program that will use video conferencing technology to offer mental health services to rural residents who might not have the ability to travel due to financial or health reasons. Read

Cops using videoconferencing technology to get warrants quicker

Wednesday, March 30 2011

The Palm Bay Police Department in Florida is starting to use videoconferencing technology to get warrants from judges at a faster pace, according to TG Daily. Read

Videoconferencing spending to reach $5 billion in 2015

Tuesday, March 29 2011

Businesses will spend $5 billion on videoconferencing in four years, according to a study released by research firm Infonetics. Read

Videoconferencing being used as part of treatment strategy

Monday, March 28 2011

You may not be able to administer medication over the internet, but specialists can use videoconferencing as a part of the treatment and monitoring of people with HIV and depression. Read

Video conferencing helping out medical students

Tuesday, March 22 2011

The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan is using video conferencing technology to help educate medical students in the country. Read

Video conferencing treatment for people with OCD

Friday, March 18 2011

Many patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder don't have access to proper treatment, so professors at Drexel University are turning to video conferencing to address this problem. Read

Video conferencing devices installed in Pennsylvania classrooms

Tuesday, March 15 2011

Children who don't have the resources to take a field trip can now stay in their classrooms and take a virtual journey through video conferencing technology. Read

Senator introduces telehealth bill

Friday, March 11 2011

A webinar is a useful tool that delivers information to clients and employees, and presenters can even use the web meeting for question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions. Allowing participants to make queries about the gathering's displays enhances the learning experience and allows speakers to make future improvements to their webinar materials. Read

The $228 billion expense

Thursday, March 10 2011

Every day, business executives, salespeople and other mobile members of corporations around the world hop on trains, cars and jet planes. Read

Kenya at the forefront of African videoconferencing

Wednesday, March 9 2011

Travel costs as well as terrorist threats in the continent are becoming major factors driving the growth of video conferencing systems in countries like Kenya, according to Read

Tech trends for businesses include videoconferencing

Thursday, March 3 2011

In 2011, high-tech solutions aren't just for big corporations anymore, as small and mid-sized companies are finding different applications for technology. Read

Veterans Affairs Department kicks off videoconferencing services

Wednesday, March 2 2011

The VA recently kicked off videoconferencing services that were installed in clinics in rural Colorado, according to the Craig Daily Press. Read

More companies pushing telehealth into spotlight

Tuesday, March 1 2011

Helping patients remotely through the use of advances in technology makes a lot of sense. Videoconferencing, for example, can be used to diagnose those who may not have the ability to travel to a physician. Read

More teachers learning how to videoconference

Monday, February 28 2011

With students knowing more about the latest gadgets than their teachers, schools are making an effort to teach their educators about technology that can be used in the classrooms. Read

California hospital using videoconferencing technology

Monday, February 28 2011

Telecommunications is fast becoming an important aspect of the health sector. The efficiency of technologies such as videoconferencing allows for faster diagnoses and could potentially save lives. Read

Videoconferencing becoming mainstream solution

Friday, February 25 2011

Videoconferencing is fast becoming a technology solution for major corporations and government sectors, according to Gadget. Read

'Women in Chemistry' conference available online

Friday, February 25 2011

A conference called The Future of Women in Chemistry and Science was recently organized to bring together leaders in chemistry to discuss the role of women in the field, according to The Street. Read

Bank of Moscow makes use of video conferencing

Thursday, February 24 2011

Customer service for the Bank of Moscow is going full force into the digital frontier. The company recently installed video conference technology in one of its branches, allowing people to visit the booth at any time for consultation. Read

Underage drinking seminars go digital

Thursday, February 24 2011

Government and private sectors alike use different marketing tools to educate people about the dangers of drinking. Read

Webcam yoga: The future of fitness?

Tuesday, February 22 2011

Most of us have used video conferencing technology while others may have heard the revolutionary role that video conferencing has played in globalization. Read

Video arraignments cheaper, more convenient

Monday, February 21 2011

Video conferencing is starting to be widely used in many different business and health sectors, but who knew that the technology would make court arraignments more convenient? Read

The history of video conferencing

Friday, February 18 2011

These days, online video chatting and even corporate video conferencing are regular forms of communication for many people. You can easily see a friend who is on another continent with a simple click of a mouse and a webcam. Businesses are making deals with others without the need to travel. Read

Philippine health panel sees telehealth project as top priority

Thursday, February 17 2011

The Congressional Commission on Science, Technology and Engineering is looking to implement a national telehealth project in the Philippines, according to NewsBytes. Read

Telehealth initiative connects HIV-positive Alabamans with healthcare professionals

Tuesday, February 15 2011

A new telehealth initiative aims to provide citizens of rural Alabama living with HIV/AIDS with access to specialists who can help improve their quality of life. Read

Panama City residents hold video conference with travel writers

Friday, February 11 2011

Residents of Panama City Beach in Florida are using a unique new strategy to encourage travel writers and columnists to visit their beautiful beaches - video conferencing technology. Citizens of the beautiful South Florida city will use video cameras and internet connectivity to connect to writers in chilly New York. Read

Bank of America, Merrill Lynch to launch video conferencing trials

Thursday, February 10 2011

In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008, many businesses have been looking for a way to cut back on costs without sacrificing customer service. Thanks to video conferencing technology, Bank of America may have found a way to do just that. Read

Poetry slam organizer partners with video equipment provider

Wednesday, February 9 2011

IVCi, a producer of video conferencing equipment, has announced plans to join forces with Global Writes to connect participants in the 2011 Bronx Poetry Slam. Read

Cincinnati Archbishop connects to local students via video conference during Catholic Schools Week

Tuesday, February 8 2011

Catholic students in Cincinnati, Ohio, will have the opportunity this week to speak with their archbishop during a special teleconferencing event. Read

Church uses video conferencing for Valentine's Day festivities

Monday, February 7 2011

Video conferencing has found many uses amongst businesspeople, doctors and law enforcement professionals. Now, a church in Staten Island, New York, will use the technology to bring an inspiring Valentine's Day message to its followers. Read

Video conferencing comes to Wyoming courthouse

Friday, February 4 2011

The Johnson County Courthouse in Buffalo, Wyoming, will soon have a new and improved way of communicating with the world - video conferencing technology. Read

Video conferencing lets sick kids stay in school

Thursday, February 3 2011

Video conferencing is already popular in the business world, and it's gaining followers in the academic world, too. Read

Workers slow to embrace video conferencing

Wednesday, February 2 2011

A recent study has revealed that some workers are still slow to warm up to video conferencing technology as a development that can help them manage their professional lives more effectively. Read

Anybots releases QB telepresence robot

Tuesday, February 1 2011

For the last few decades, technology has been racing along at a breakneck pace, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Just 20 years ago, cell phones were virtually unheard of - now we not only call on the go, we video conference, too. And now we might do it with robots. Read

Students connect to professionals via video conferencing

Monday, January 31 2011

Video conferencing has a number of applications, both personal and professional. Read

A virtual whiteboard takes video conferencing to the next level

Friday, January 28 2011

If video conferencing systems have one limitation, it's that you can't interact with the people on the other side of the conference the way you would in a real boardroom. Read

Polish hospital implements video conferencing system

Wednesday, January 26 2011

It's not just hospitals in America that are taking advantage of video conferencing technology to communicate with their faraway patients - some hospitals in Europe are embracing the new systems, too. Read

Video conferencing technology crucial to small businesses

Tuesday, January 25 2011

Entrepreneur magazine has listed video conferencing technology, web conferencing and other internet-based communication strategies among the five high-tech business trends to watch in 2011. Read

Telehealth gains followers overseas

Friday, January 21 2011

Video conferencing isn't just popular with U.S. healthcare companies - it's also a big hit overseas. Read

US Army telehealth program gets slow start

Thursday, January 20 2011

The United States Army is now working to implement video conferencing as a way to provide much-needed healthcare services to soldiers serving abroad. Read

Video conferencing connects Carnegie Mellon University with satellite campus in Qatar

Wednesday, January 19 2011

It's not at all uncommon for American universities to have satellite campuses - for example, the University of California exists in both Berkeley and Los Angeles, as well as in eight other California cities. Read

Hospital implements video conferencing technology to translate for non-English-speaking patients

Tuesday, January 18 2011

Going to the doctor is often a confusing experience, as physicians spout medical terms and complicated Latin-based disease names that are difficult to understand for many of us. Read

Video conferencing predictions for 2011

Friday, January 14 2011

What's in store for video conferencing in 2011? According to Avistar, quite a bit. Read

Baptist seminary takes religious education high-tech

Thursday, January 13 2011

Religion isn't exactly know for being high-tech, but one center for religious education is embracing the new with video conferencing equipment that will let students study their faith from all around the globe. Read

Video conferencing for mid-size companies

Wednesday, January 12 2011

Technology like video conferencing used to be cost-prohibitive for businesses under a certain size, but those days are over. Read

New HoverCam Neo combines video conferencing, camera, scanner technologies

Tuesday, January 11 2011

Las Vegas isn't usually known for technology, unless you're talking about slot machines and security cameras. Read

Video conferencing on every budget

Friday, January 7 2011

Once considered a technology of the future, relegated to sci-fi movies and out-of-this-world TV shows, video conferencing is now becoming a reality. But not only is it a plausible technology - there are also affordable options for companies of all sizes and budgets. Read

3-D video conferencing becomes reality

Thursday, January 6 2011

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the hottest gadgets and technologies debut, Panasonic has unveiled its new upgrade for video conferencing. Read

German officer describes fierce fighting via video conference

Wednesday, January 5 2011

Soldiers are still facing unthinkable challenges in Afghanistan as the war continues to roar on. Read

More doctors use video conferencing for house calls

Wednesday, January 5 2011

Video conferencing technology is allowing physicians to communicate with patients when distance or weather prohibit face-to-face interaction. Read

Video conferencing changes business in Idaho

Wednesday, December 29 2010

Businesses, agencies and schools have invested in video conferencing technology in Idaho, making it cheaper and easier for many people in the state to use telecommunication, reports the Idaho Statesman. Read

Families to communicate with Guantanamo detainees

Tuesday, December 28 2010

The International Committee of the Red Cross has recently made it possible for families in Yemen to communicate with their relatives detained at the U.S. facility in Guantanamo Bay for the first time, via video conference, reports Khabrein. Read

NASA explores the possibilities for video conferencing

Monday, December 27 2010

Leave it to NASA to be one of the nation's pioneers in utilizing video conferencing technology. They were the first to be able to broadcast from space after all. Read

Athletic department looks to video conferencing for savings

Wednesday, December 22 2010

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association is facing tough economic times. During the 2009-2010 school year, the organization was forced to make a bevy of cuts and changes in order to balance the budget. Read

Video conferencing saves school district time, money

Tuesday, December 21 2010

Business in the Lakeshore School Division in Manitoba, Canada, just got a bit easier. Read

Video technology from university to farmer

Tuesday, December 21 2010

It was no easy task getting farming information to the most rural parts of India. That is, until the emergence of video conferencing technology. Read

Officials: Video conferencing increases court effectiveness

Monday, December 20 2010

Officials in Paris, Tennessee, have found that their state-of-the-art video conferencing technology has resulted in a huge leap forward for the Henry County Sheriff's Department and the Henry County General Sessions Court, reports the Paris Post-Intelligencer. Read

Alum gives tech funds back to college

Friday, December 17 2010

An alumnus of Montana State University has donated more than $3 million to MSU's College of Business, reports the school. The gift will improve technology for entrepreneurship students. Read

Give a truly personalized gift this holiday season

Wednesday, December 15 2010

What do you get for the person who has everything? How about a little more of you? Read

Doctors ready for online consultations

Monday, December 13 2010

Doctors in Australia will have increasing telepresence as telehealth rebates beginning in July 2011 have spurred major growth in the industry, according to the Australian. Read

Video conferencing saves the most green

Monday, December 13 2010

The world's largest software company, SAP, recently tried several energy-saving techniques at their first U.S. location in Palo Alto, California, such as adopting solar power, LED lights, electric cars and video conferencing. Read

Video conferencing opens classes to region

Friday, December 10 2010

The Ohio University Learning Network allows students to attend classes at the main campus, regional campuses and other partner universities such as Ohio State and Akron University, regardless of which institution they are currently enrolled in. Read

Meeting the needs of special needs kids via video technology

Thursday, December 9 2010

For special needs students at A.J. West Elementary School in Aberdeen, Washington, there were very few staff members able to accommodate their varying levels of cognitive abilities. Read

Students join together for Spanish lesson

Wednesday, December 8 2010

Middle school and high school students in Kentucky are joining together for a Spanish class. The exciting part, however, is that half the students take the class from three miles away. Read

Video mediation helps lawyers cut costs

Monday, December 6 2010

Face-to-face meetings will never go out of style, but video conferencing has given lawyers and mediators a way to cut costs and add convenience for their clients, says Lawyers Weekly. Read

Video conferencing offers relief from European snow catastrophe

Friday, December 3 2010

Heavy snow and freezing temperatures have nearly paralyzed European travel, as major airports in Britain and Switzerland have closed and there have been hundreds of highway accidents, reports ABC News. Read

Child custody battle plays out through video conferencing

Friday, December 3 2010

A little girl in Malaysia caught in the middle of a custody battle between her parents will have her case mediated through video conferencing, reports the Malaysian National News Agency. Read

Telemedicine booming in video conferencing industry

Thursday, December 2 2010

The healthcare reform law has forced many medical managers and physicians to think creatively in how they care for patients as costs continue to rise and more people seek medical attention. Read

Video conferencing helps nab Alabama robbery suspects

Wednesday, December 1 2010

A woman in Blount County, Alabama, is crediting video conferencing for scaring away two robbery suspects and later aiding in their capture, reports WLOX News. Read

Video visits for prisoners

Tuesday, November 30 2010

The Correctional Service of Canada is considering the use of video conferencing technology to link Nunavut Inuit prisoners behind bars in southern Canada with their families and loved ones in remote northern communities, reports CBC News. Read

Eighth grade math whiz takes advanced classes thanks to video conferencing

Monday, November 29 2010

Josie Bradshaw of Pittsfield, Maine, is in the eighth grade, but she spends part of her day being tutored by a high school math teacher 30 miles away. Thanks to video conferencing technology, Josie, however, never has to interrupt her regular middle school schedule to do so, reports the Portland Press Herald. Read

Will video conferencing replace phone calls?

Monday, November 29 2010

In 1964, a picture phone was unveiled at the World's Fair in New York City. The technology, despite it's high cost, inconvenience and lack of compatible devices, was touted as the telephone of the future, but it never materialized, reports PC World. Read

Students get up close and personal with wolves, history

Wednesday, November 24 2010

Students in Minnesota recently had the chance to delve into a wide variety of topics, such as American Indian and European-American cultures and wolf ecology and behavior, thanks to a new video conferencing system installed in their school. Read

Video conferencing is more affordable than most think

Tuesday, November 23 2010

The future is here for video conferencing, but the technology is more accessible than some businesses think, according to an industry expert. Read

Students dialogue with peers from around the world

Monday, November 22 2010

As part of an honors course, students at Ashland University in Ohio are engaging with students from around the world, reports WMFD-TV. Read

Video conferencing saves sheriff's office thousands

Monday, November 22 2010

The Sheriff's Department in Lincoln County, Wisconsin, is saving thousands of dollars thanks to the installation of a video conferencing system, reports WSAW-TV. Read

Virtual green screen for video conferencing brings people together

Friday, November 19 2010

New technology developed by researchers at the University of Illinois allows those using video conferencing technology to be virtually present together on the computer screen. Read

NASA comes to school, thanks to video conferencing

Thursday, November 18 2010

Elementary school students in Westerville, Ohio, got to take a trip to a NASA research center recently, without leaving the comfort of their hometown. Read

New technology leaves more time to answer customer calls

Wednesday, November 17 2010

Wakefield and District Housing, a single housing stock transfer organization, is turning to new technology to make their business more efficient. Read

New non-profit links service members with mental health professionals

Tuesday, November 16 2010

Honor Vet, a new nonprofit organization, links veterans and active-duty service members with mental health professionals through online social networking and video conferencing, reports the Bergen Record. Read

Video conferencing makes good business sense

Monday, November 15 2010

Video conferencing can connect parties from across the world, but the technology also allows businesses to work faster, smarter, cheaper and more efficiently. Read

Video conferencing closes out film festival

Friday, November 12 2010

During a panel discussion about the award-winning documentary "Precious Life," audience members at the 25th Annual Israel Film Festival in Los Angeles were surprised when the subjects of the film joined in the conversation from Gaza via video conference, reports the Wall Street Journal. Read

Partners in Health expands video conferencing capabilities

Thursday, November 11 2010

Partners in Health, a nonprofit health care organization that reaches patients in need all over the world, has expanded critical communications throughout Haiti by selecting a satellite to expand and enhance connectivity, according to a press release. Read

World video conferencing markets continue to grow

Wednesday, November 10 2010

The video conferencing market is defying the global economic slowdown and continuing to succeed, according to a recent report by Frost and Sullivan, a market research firm. Read

Video conferencing brings cancer survivors together

Tuesday, November 9 2010

Members of an isolated island community have learned that cancer has no geographical boundaries, and neither does support. Read

Obama connects to rural India via video conferencing

Monday, November 8 2010

On his recent visit to India, President Barack Obama interacted with farmers in Rajasthan thanks to video conferencing. Read

Video conferencing for veterans wins award

Friday, November 5 2010

With more veterans returning from the front lines of military combat, those who support their mental well-being are finding new ways to reach out to them. Read

Holographic video conferencing is no longer just science fiction

Thursday, November 4 2010

Researchers at the University of Arizona are within reach of creating a holographic video conferencing system. Read

Rural and island-living students see the world through video conferencing

Wednesday, November 3 2010

Students in some of the most remote classrooms in the country - rural and island school districts on the coast of Maine - have been able to get a lot closer to the rest of the world thanks to new video technologies installed this fall, reports the Working Waterfront. Read

India's first South Pole expedition launch shown via video conferencing

Tuesday, November 2 2010

The first South Pole expedition made by India and the 30th scientific expedition to Antarctica was launched via video conferencing, reports Digital Goa. Read

Video conferencing expected to increase in Australia

Tuesday, November 2 2010

The video communications market will reach $52.6 million in Australia, research firm Frost and Sullivan projects, thanks to an increased deployment of such technologies in government and professional services. Read

Video conference connects sharks and students

Friday, October 29 2010

Sixth-grade students in Florida got to get up close and personal with some ocean predators while also maintaining a safe distance. Read

Entrepreneur brings video conferencing to small town

Thursday, October 28 2010

When Kent Holiday moved his family from Korea to Ten Sleep, Wyoming, leaving behind a successful telecommunications career, he had no idea he'd soon help the school district become a cutting-edge video conferencing hub. Read

Video conferencing helps university students

Tuesday, October 26 2010

Georgetown University is the subject of a new study that examines the educational and monetary benefits of the school's "global classroom" initiative that began in 2008. Read

Video conferencing at work on the rise

Monday, October 25 2010

Whether the business world is ready for it or not, video conferencing and telepresence are on the rise. Read

British company urges government to use video conferencing software

Thursday, October 21 2010

After British retail tycoon Sir Philip Green's recent review of spending in government departments, one company offered a simple solution: Go to video conferencing to reduce costs. Read

Gen Y least likely to use video conferencing

Thursday, October 21 2010

A recent survey, conducted by Forrester Consulting, found members of Generation Y to be the least likely to use video conferencing, video chat and web conferencing tools for business purposes. They are also the least likely to share information via text message and use social networking during the work day. Read

Video conferencing growing in medical fields

Wednesday, October 20 2010

As technology advances, so does the practice of telemedicine, a new report has found. Read

Maryland prisons to use video conferencing for inmate health

Tuesday, October 19 2010

Prisons in Maryland are looking to keep their costs down by instituting video conferencing technology in several courthouses and correctional facilities. Read

Video conferencing comes to Boston schools

Monday, October 18 2010

Video conferencing technology has played a role in changing the way students learn at several Boston-area schools. Read

Telehealth helps ease pain in cancer sufferers

Friday, October 15 2010

A recent study has revealed some encouraging benefits associated with telehealth care, or care administered via video conferencing equipment, for patients suffering from some types of cancer. Read

HD video conferencing doesn't necessarily mean expensive equipment upgrades

Thursday, October 14 2010

Are you looking to participate in high-quality, high-definition video conferencing? Good news - you might not need to invest in all the latest computers, gadgets and internet connections, after all. Read

Video conferencing communication used in university hospice study

Tuesday, October 12 2010

A researcher at the University of Missouri - Columbia is the recipient of a $2.1 million federal grant designed to investigate the role of communication in end-of-life care. Read

The right outfit for video conferencing

Monday, October 11 2010

In most cases, communicating via video conferencing isn't much different than communicating face-to-face. Read

Telehealth helps asthma sufferers

Friday, October 8 2010

Telehealth technology has numerous applications for the injured and sick, as well as people just looking to get a regular check-up. Now, the video conferencing based health service could help make life easier for sufferers of severe asthma. Read

Oklahoma legislator hopes to expand video conferencing in courtrooms

Wednesday, October 6 2010

Representative Ben Sherrer of Oklahoma is encouraging his home state to cut back on transportation costs by utilizing available video conferencing technology to allow criminals to appear virtually in court. Read

Video conferencing popular in China, Russia

Tuesday, October 5 2010

Video conferencing technology is popular with families and businesspeople alike in the United States, and now this simple and intuitive communication solution is catching on overseas, as well. Read

Video conferencing for everyone

Monday, October 4 2010

Many consumers have long thought of video conferencing as a tool designed to help office professionals communicate with business partners who could be hundreds, even thousands, of miles away. Read

UK hospital signs telehealth framework agreement

Friday, October 1 2010

Telehealth is a growing field in the United States and Australia, and now Great Britain's Airedale Hospital is joining the healthcare revolution. Read

Where to look when video conferencing

Thursday, September 30 2010

Video conferencing is a relatively simple and intuitive technology that has helped many businesses save money - and the environment - by eliminating the need for travel. There is one interesting tip, however, that all video conferencing businesspeople should know: where to look during the conference. Read

Employees embrace video conferencing

Wednesday, September 29 2010

People around the world are embracing video conferencing as a great way to cut back on costs, save money and go green, all at the same time. Read

Nebraska hospitals could lose federal telehealth funding

Tuesday, September 28 2010

Several Nebraska hospitals are in danger of losing their federal funding for telehealth services. Read

Georgia county uses video conferencing to help witnesses testify in trial

Tuesday, September 28 2010

Courtrooms in Dougherty County, Georgia, are set to save a pretty penny thanks to a new video conferencing system. Read

Dodge City, KS, residents to learn about music via video conferencing

Monday, September 27 2010

Residents of Dodge City, Kansas, will be getting a tutorial via video conferencing on how to operate the newest handheld music playing devices. Read

Video conferencing technology continues to expand

Friday, September 24 2010

Can your network support video conferencing? You may actually be closer to the latest in video conferencing technology than you think. Read

ARRA grants continue until September 30

Thursday, September 23 2010

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act included approximately $482.4 million in grants, with funding for telehealth and video conferencing, in the hopes of helping bridge the technological divide, boost economic growth, create jobs and improve education and healthcare across the U.S. Read

Video conferencing a good tool for businesses

Wednesday, September 22 2010

Video conferencing is gaining popularity among small and large businesses alike, and according to a recent article in Network World, it has good reason to. Read

New York to use stimulus money for video conferencing

Tuesday, September 21 2010

The state of New York has been awarded $20 million in stimulus funding - and some of it will be going toward installing video conferencing equipment in classrooms for the learning disabled. Read

Video conferencing comes to St. Mary's University

Monday, September 20 2010

The St. Mary University Bill Greehey School of Business has received financial support from the Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation that will enable the school to install video conferencing suites for undergraduate and graduate students. Read

Idaho Department of Fish and Game uses video conferencing

Friday, September 17 2010

When most of us think of video conferencing, we think about CEOs in massive office buildings. However, video conferencing is actually reaching a much wider audience - including the Department of Fish and Game in Idaho, Computerworld reports. Read

Church group uses video conferencing for prayer

Thursday, September 16 2010

A new type of organization is getting involved in video conferencing - churches. Read

Veteran and amateur travelers both interested in video conferencing

Tuesday, September 14 2010

According to a recent study, North America and Europe are leading the world in the use of new and innovative video conferencing technology. Read

Canadian medical team pioneers anesthesia administration via video conference

Monday, September 13 2010

A medical team at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec recently administered anesthesia to a patient, which normally wouldn't be a remarkable accomplishment - except that this patient was receiving surgery in Pisa, Italy, thousands of miles away. Read

University of Edinburgh uses video conferencing to host international seminar

Friday, September 10 2010

Next week, Scotland's University of Edinburgh will host a unique event using cutting-edge video conference technology to converse with experts around the globe. Read

Trapped Chilean miners talk with loved ones over video conference

Wednesday, September 8 2010

The 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mine in northern Chile had face-to-face contact with family and loved ones this weekend via real-time video conferencing, the Latin American Herald Tribune reports. Read

Testing sound before a video conference

Tuesday, September 7 2010

In most cases, video conferencing is easy and intuitive. It's like having a face-to-face conversation, but without all the hassle and expense of travel. However, it's not just the faces that matter when video conferencing - it's also the voices. Read

SC inmates must conduct visits through video conferencing

Friday, September 3 2010

A new video conferencing system will be set up at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center in Conway, South Carolina, following a ruling that all inmate visits must be carried out via video conference. Read

When using video conferencing, is it better to lease or buy?

Thursday, September 2 2010

Adopting a video conferencing system for your business can pay off in a lot of big ways. You'll save on travel costs, have the opportunity to meet with a wider array of clients no matter how far from your office they may operate and do it all while helping save the environment. Still, buying the equipment required for quality video conferencing can be a little pricey. So you might find yourself faced with a dilemma that everyone who's ever shopped for a car is all too familiar with: Lease or buy? Read

Student test sign language via mobile video conferencing

Wednesday, September 1 2010

Earlier this summer, engineers at the University of Washington began working on video conferencing solutions that would allow hearing-impaired individuals to communicate using sign language on their cell phones. Read

Northern California medical center becomes one of the first 50 hospitals to adopt telehealth services

Monday, August 30 2010

The Redwoods Rural Health Center has become one of the first 50 healthcare centers to become a part of California's statewide telehealth network. Read

GE, Intel partner for telehealth company

Friday, August 27 2010

Telehealth - health services delivered remotely via video conferencing - has been enjoying a rapid growth in popularity across the globe. Now, General Electric and Intel have announced a joint venture that will make it even more accessible. Read

Small businesses adopt video conferencing at high rates

Friday, August 27 2010

Nowhere is video conferencing more important than for small and medium-sized businesses. Read

Telehealth growth means more video conferencing in American homes

Wednesday, August 25 2010

According to a recent study by InMedica, the medical division of IMS Research, the demand for video conferencing health services is growing as the technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous. As a result, people are purchasing more at-home medical supplies and video conferencing systems. Read

HHS receives $32 million to build telehealth network for rural Americans

Wednesday, August 25 2010

The United States Department of Health and Human Services has approved $32 million in funding to help provide rural Americans with access to quality healthcare - using video conferencing and telehealth technology. Read

Universities could use video conferencing to help students learn on both sides of the Atlantic

Tuesday, August 24 2010

Video conferencing technology may soon be used to strengthen the bond between the University of Connecticut's School of Fine Arts and the Dublin Institute of Technology. Read

Death row inmates in Virginia allowed video conferencing visits, but no in-person contact

Monday, August 23 2010

Inmates sitting on death row in the state of Virginia will soon be cut off from all in-person contact with their loved ones, reports the Washington Post. Read

California Telehealth Network will use video conferencing to connect more than 800 facilities

Friday, August 20 2010

California has launched the nation's largest telehealth network. Read

A good time for small businesses to turn to video conferencing

Thursday, August 19 2010

More and more small businesses are getting involved in video conferencing - and there's never been a better time for it, writes InformationWeek's Paul Korzeniowski. Read

MobileASL uses video conferencing to bring American Sign Language to cell phones

Tuesday, August 17 2010

For many, video conferencing is a luxury. But for the nearly two million deaf Americans who speak American Sign Language, it's the only way they can communicate in their native language. Read

Australian doctors who use video conferencing to receive generous tax rebates

Monday, August 16 2010

In an effort to encourage telehealth services, Australian doctors and specialists who see patients via video conferencing could be offered tax rebates, reports the Australian. Read

Tips for setting up a video conferencing system

Friday, August 13 2010

With travel budgets tightening around the globe, investing in a video conferencing system is one way that many businesses are choosing to cut back on costs. With the right video conferencing, the need for travel can be almost entirely eliminated. Setting up a system isn't difficult, but care should be taken to do it right the first time to avoid delay and unnecessary cost. Read

U.S. visa applicants may soon be able to use video conferencing for interviews

Thursday, August 12 2010

The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved a program that would allow foreigners to apply for a United States visa via video conferencing, reports the New York Times. Read

Study finds 96 percent of organizations use video conferencing or telepresence

Wednesday, August 11 2010

A study by travel-management corporation Carlson Wagonlit Travel has found that an astounding 96 percent of meeting and event planners say that their organizations utilize video conferencing technology. Read

Western Canada receives $250,000 to upgrade video conferencing technology

Tuesday, August 10 2010

Canada's government has dedicated more than CAN$250,000 - approximately US$240,100 - improve video conferencing technology in the western part of the nation. Read

New Apple iPod Touch could feature video conferencing technology

Monday, August 9 2010

For years, video and web conferencing was restricted to those with a computer and web camera. However, Apple has been working to bring face-to-face video conferencing to everyone using the FaceTime application for the recently-released iPhone 4. Now, an update to the iPod Touch could make video conf Read

Video conferencing allows Detroit high schoolers to virtually visit colleges

Friday, August 6 2010

High schools in Detroit are unveiling a new college counseling suite that will allow students to video conference with college representatives, reports the Associated Press. Read

Japanese telepresence robot moves with the speaker

Thursday, August 5 2010

Japan has introduced a new telepresence robot about the size of a toddler. Read

Friends continue tradition via video conferencing

Wednesday, August 4 2010

Four friends are using video conferencing to keep a 38-year-old tradition alive, reports the Capital Gazette. Read

Verizon Business introduces "telejustice" to provide services to inmates

Tuesday, August 3 2010

Verizon has announced that it will be tailoring its video conferencing services to create packages designed for criminal justice systems. Read

Grandparents use video conferencing to stay in touch with grandkids

Monday, August 2 2010

Video conferencing isn’t just for businesspeople - older generations are using video conferencing technology to stay in touch with their families and grandkids, reports the Poughkeepsie Journal. Read

Japanese scientists unveil head-mounted video conferencing device

Thursday, July 29 2010

Scientists at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan, have announced the creation of a head-mounted mobile video communication system. Read

Video conferencing allows justice system to conduct hearings without inmates leaving jail

Wednesday, July 28 2010

A video conferencing-based arraignment system has been implemented to rave reviews in Plymouth, Indiana. Read

Video conferencing saves employees and executives time and money

Wednesday, July 28 2010

According to a study cited in the Telepresence Newsletter, the average white-collar employee spends approximately 50 percent of his or her time communicating. Read

Anybots announces telepresence robot

Wednesday, July 28 2010

Robotics company Anybots has announced the launch of its telepresence robot, which will use video conferencing technology to reduce business travel. Read

Tips for getting the most out of video conferencing

Tuesday, July 27 2010

Using video conferencing is intuitive and easy, but it still helps to be aware of all the tips and tricks that will make your video or web conferencing calls run smoothly. Read

Research indicates video conferencing is on the rise

Tuesday, July 27 2010

Data from ABI Research shows that video conferencing revenue grew to $567 million in 2009, and will grow to $2.7 billion by 2015. Read

President Obama gives the go-ahead for nearly $800 million to expand broadband access

Tuesday, July 27 2010

President Barack Obama has approved funding that will provide increased broadband access - and telehealth video conferencing services - to America's rural areas. Read

Chatroulette may eliminate text chatting to reflect growing interest in video conferencing

Monday, July 26 2010

The popular website is considering ditching text chatting to focus entirely on video conferencing, reports Read

Video conferencing can save companies thousands

Friday, July 23 2010

The global economic crisis has forced a large number of companies to cut back on costs wherever and whenever they can. For many, this has meant downsizing, laying off valuable employees and making due with older computer and software systems rather than upgrading to expensive new models. But there is one thing a company can do to reduce costs that's easy and effective: switch to telepresence. Read

Study finds telecare via video conferencing for cancer patients eases pain and depression

Thursday, July 22 2010

A program using telehealth services was found to ease pain and reduce depression in cancer patients more than traditional care, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Read

Hospitals in Australia push ahead with telehealth video conferencing

Wednesday, July 21 2010

Australia has given medical video conferencing the go-ahead following its successful trial run at the Bendigo and Echuca hospitals in the country's southeastern state of Victoria, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Read

Americans pleased with the availability of streaming video, video conferencing

Monday, July 19 2010

Now that the American public can watch live streaming video of the BP oil spill, there's officially nowhere that video conferencing can't go, reports InformationWeek. Read

Video conferencing links town to city council in County Cavan, Ireland

Friday, July 16 2010

The small town of Cavan in County Cavan, Ireland, is "future-proofing" its local resources using the internet and web conferencing, reports the Anglo-Celt. Read

University of California system to test online bachelor degree program via video conferencing

Thursday, July 15 2010

The University of California Board of Regents has announced its plan to introduce online instruction via video conferencing in some of its top-tier research institutions, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Read

Subsidiary of Cheyenne Veteran Affairs Medical Center to provide telehealth services through video conferencing

Wednesday, July 14 2010

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs is opening a new telehealth clinic in Cheyenne, Wyoming, reports the Associated Press. Read

Video conferencing industry growing

Tuesday, July 13 2010

Video conferencing is finally starting to catch on, even though the idea is older than the Beatles. With new advances that make video conferencing easier, faster and more like face-to-face interaction, reports that the industry may be on the verge of a boom. Read

Australian university to begin training medical students online using videoconferencing

Monday, July 12 2010

The state of Victoria in Australia has received AU$330,000 to begin training medical students online. Read

Lake Catholic High plans to open video conferencing center this fall

Friday, July 9 2010

Lake Catholic High School, located in Mentor, Ohio, says new video conferencing technology should be up and running at the school around the same time students come back from their summer vacation, the News-Herald reports. Read

Peoria Fire Department incorporates video conferencing

Thursday, July 8 2010

As Peoria, Arizona, deals with a $7.5-million budget shortfall, the city's fire department will start using video conferencing technology as part of an overall cost-cutting plan, the Arizona Republic reports. Read

British courts using video conferencing to reach quick decisions

Wednesday, July 7 2010

Officials in Sutton, England, are seeing impressive results as they complete a pilot program in which local magistrates can render a decision without ever meeting a criminal in person, the Sutton Guardian reports. Read

United Healthcare video conferencing program brings doctors and patients closer together

Wednesday, July 7 2010

Centura Health and United Healthcare have launched their Connected Care program in multiple rural Colorado communities to help hospital doctors better reach patients in remote areas. Read

New report says government could benefit from increased telecommuting

Friday, July 2 2010

A new report says that there is significant room for improvement in the government's encouragement of telecommuting for federal workers. Read

California medical clinic using video technology to help rural patients

Thursday, July 1 2010

The Sierra Family Medical Clinic in Nevada City, California, is using video conferencing technology to help its more than 120 diabetes patients receive better care, the Union newspaper reports. Read

Psychiatrists using video conferencing to see patients

Wednesday, June 30 2010

Psychiatrists in Wisconsin are increasingly utilizing video conferencing technology to interface with patients who may hundreds of miles away, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Read

Wisconsin community college brings in video conferencing technology

Monday, June 28 2010

Madison Area Technical College is using new video conferencing technology to bring students and teachers closer together, according to Campus Technology magazine. Read

California hospital uses video conferencing to expand interpreting services

Monday, June 28 2010

Children's Hospital Central California will attempt to use video conferencing technology to expand its interpreter services to better assist its non-English-speaking patients, according to the Business Journal. Read

Ball State using video conferencing technology to teach Iraqi students

Friday, June 25 2010

A grant will soon allow teachers at Ball State University to use video conferencing to teach students at Iraq's Tikrit University and work to redesign the school's educational curriculum over the next three years. Read

Greene County installing courtroom video conferencing system

Wednesday, June 23 2010

Officials in Greene County, Indiana, have now approved the installation of a new wireless video conferencing system - linking courtrooms with prison facilities across the state, according to the Greene County Daily World. Read

New study says videoconferencing could save $19B by 2020

Friday, June 18 2010

A study by the Carbon Disclosure Project, a nonprofit collecting climate change data, says that using using video conferencing to replace business trips could save the economy $19 billion dollars by the year 2020. Read

Videoconferencing helps nursing home patients stay connected

Tuesday, June 15 2010

A new study has found that nursing home patients who used video conferencing technology feel that the technology is a useful tool to keep in touch with family. Read

Video conferencing helps lead the way in cutting carbon emissions

Monday, June 14 2010

Video conferencing technology is helping many companies reduce their environmental impact and cut travel costs at the same time. The Financial Times reports that video conferencing is one of the innovations leading the "IT for green" movement, which uses technology to create sustainability outside the normal realm of IT. Read

Adapting video conferencing technology to the youngest generation

Friday, June 11 2010

Researchers are now experimenting with new video conferencing technology aimed at chidren - creating so called "virtual playdates," CNN reports. Read

Videoconferencing changing the face of air travel

Thursday, June 10 2010

New research suggests that the growth of video conferencing technology is set to change the face of air travel and greatly reduce the need for business travel. Read

Iowa school district brings video conferencing to the classroom

Thursday, June 10 2010

Iowa's Woodbury Central Community School District has used video conferencing technology to broaden students' access to professional experts around the world, THE reports. Read

Connecting better with web conferencing partners

Monday, June 7 2010

Web and video conferencing can help many companies save time and money by reducing the need for long-distance travel, and there are a number of ways that businesses can make these online meetings flow more smoothly, the Appleton Post-Crescent reports. Read

More companies turning to web conferencing as a service

Friday, June 4 2010

Business telecom managers are increasingly using Communications-as-a-Service providers for their web and video conferencing solutions, according to TMCnet's Gary Kim. Read

Tommy Hilfiger reduces carbon footprint with web conferencing

Thursday, June 3 2010

Global fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger is using a new video conferencing system to reduce time and money spent on travel while also shrinking its carbon footprint, according to to AV Magazine. Read

Doctors use video conferencing for long-distance diagnosis

Thursday, June 3 2010

Advancements in video conferencing technology have helped fuel the birth of telehealth - where doctors use the internet to reach patients they can't see in person, according to the New York Times. Read

Video conferencing aids rise in telecommuters

Wednesday, June 2 2010

Video conferencing is helping many companies save money on office space by allowing some of their employees to work from home, according to the Kansas City Star. Read

NSW Industrial Relations introduces web conferencing

Tuesday, June 1 2010

The New South Wales Industrial Relations agency is introducing online web conferencing to help cut down on travel costs, according to Read

Virtual presentations made simple

Friday, May 28 2010

When you're standing in front of a room full of people, it's important to show off your skills as a rhetorician. You can impress them with continued eye contact, hand gestures and casual movement across a room. Read

Make a positive impression via video conferencing

Wednesday, May 26 2010

Businesses are increasingly turning to video conferencing solutions to cut back on travel costs and build bridges with prospective partners around the globe. Read

Video conferencing can connect sports fans to soccer stars

Monday, May 24 2010

While many sports fans are still celebrating Inter Milan's recent victory the next phase of soccer sensation is just around the corner. The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is the premier international soccer tournament, and it's set to start in June. Read

Video conferencing solutions go robotic

Friday, May 21 2010

Video conferencing is a great way to get the feeling of face-to-face benefits without the costs of business travel. Now, with a little rigging, executives may be able to offer prospective clients some face-to-robot interactions. Read

Overcome virtual meeting challenges

Thursday, May 20 2010

Companies are increasingly turning to video and web conferencing solutions to connect them with businesses partners, remote workers and prospective clients around the globe. As the trend of virtual meetings spreads, it's important for business executives to ensure it remains an effective alternative to face-to-face contact. Read

Video conferencing connects colleagues for improved corporate decision making

Wednesday, May 19 2010

Getting staff to coordinate on projects can be tedious. Simple collaborations can take longer than needed if colleagues are unable to accommodate each others' schedules. Just ask Scott McKay, CIO of Genworth Financial. Read

Intrepid to use video conferencing for telemedic solutions

Tuesday, May 18 2010

Officials at the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence believe soldiers and their loved ones deserve family-centered care. The nonprofit has devoted more than $150 million to support wounded military personnel and their families. Read

College career center uses video conferencing to find students jobs

Tuesday, May 18 2010

Kevin Monahan, associate director of the University of Notre Dame Career Center, has high hopes for the graduating senior class. In spite of the 9.9 percent national unemployment rate, Monahan told the Observer he firmly believes "there are opportunities out there." Read

Frost & Sullivan share cancer therapy via web conference

Tuesday, May 18 2010

The spread of cancer can be deadly, but luckily for researchers and victims of melanoma, the spread of research for the treatment of skin cancer is made simpler with the use of web conferencing solutions. Read

Rising trend: Video conferencing for virtual job interviews

Friday, May 14 2010

In what could be a universal trend, a survey from LegerMarketing and HR Learning reveals that nearly half of Canadian entrepreneurs believe finding competent staff is the key to improving their businesses this year. Read

Emergency center saves time, money and perhaps lives with video conferencing tools

Thursday, May 13 2010

Real-time collaboration can improve business operations and enhance partnerships, but it can be a matter of life and death for those in the emergency management industry. This is why some Missouri emergency management centers have recently adopted video conferencing tools to help them connect to other agencies in their areas. Read

Video conferencing brings together remote workers

Tuesday, May 11 2010

In an increasingly digital age, business owners are frequently asking workers to telecommute. As the economy is slowly recovering, some companies are finding that telecommute options are enabling them to expand their businesses. Read

Video conferencing: Boosting overall productivity?

Monday, May 10 2010

Video conferencing tools are taking over conference rooms across the country as companies cut back on travel spending with the high-tech tools. Now, it seems they might be taking over desks across America as well. Read

Virtual Conferences: Taking Over Trade Shows

Friday, May 7 2010

Web conferencing has slowly been replacing in-person meetings as it offers executives major savings in business travel. Now, it looks like it might be making headway in taking over a slice of the trade show industry as well. Read

Video conferencing solutions may help solve the education crisis

Wednesday, May 5 2010

President Barack Obama says the nation is in a state of education crisis - dropout rates continue to climb and many business leaders worry today's students will not be prepared to lead the global workforce. Some school officials think the best way to keep kids engaged is by using cutting-edge video conferencing tools in the classroom. Read

New web conferencing tool cuts hours out of a commute for $10

Tuesday, May 4 2010

In the landscaping business, it's necessary for upper-level executives to do the final walk-through - usually a 10-minute process. Yet, Chip Galloway, the owner of C&C Landscaping, explained to CNN Money that the commute to visit different sites is usually 45 minutes each way. Read

Video conferencing trends could catch on this season

Tuesday, May 4 2010

In light of the recent volcanic eruption, businesses are starting to gain increasing interest in video conferencing solutions. What was once considered a cost-saving alternative to business travel is now also proving a secure business meeting plan in the face of recession and natural disaster. Read

New web cam tool helps users (literally) see eye to eye

Tuesday, May 4 2010

Business owners may love how web conferencing saves them time and money, but something that is less popular is how the tool usually only brings users eye to… eyelid. Read

AmericaSpeaks brings citizens together with video conferencing

Monday, May 3 2010

Video conferencing has been saving national businesses countless dollars as a meeting and travel alternative. Now, could videoconferencing tools help solve the national fiscal crisis? Read

Virtual meetings require actual manners: Tips for video conferencing etiquette

Friday, April 30 2010

Web conferencing tools are changing the way companies do business. However, there are certain things that remain the same - like the need for appropriate conduct at meetings, whether in person or on the web. offers some insight on how executives should handle themselves when video conferencing with clients. Read

Video conferencing: The new way to award visas to U.S. visitors?

Thursday, April 29 2010

With the national economy slowly recovering, drawing visitors to the U.S. can be an important way to generate revenue. Roger Dow, U.S. Travel's president and CEO, told Travel Agent Central, "Overseas visitors are walking stimulus packages, each spending an average of more than $4,000 per visit to the U.S." Read

Trim Travel Costs with Web Conferencing Solutions

Wednesday, April 28 2010

Even with economic recovery approaching, many businesses will have to adapt to a "new normal." This means discretionary spending will have to be monitored carefully. Read

AT&T Connect gives iPhone users access to web meetings from anywhere

Tuesday, April 27 2010

Rumors have been swirling about the latest iPhone 4G applications and Apple lovers have eagerly awaited news of the video-conferencing features that they may soon hold in the palms of their hands. Now, the wait is over. Read

Law Firm Believes Web Conferencing Offers Personalized, Cost-Effective Service

Monday, April 26 2010

In a slowly recovering economy, many companies are trying to find ways to keep travel budgets low. Still, meeting business partners in person offers a number of advantages. Luckily, in a high-tech age, companies can have virtual face-time with prospective clients without breaking their budgets. Read

Apple's New iPhone Could Be a Handheld Video Conferencing Tool

Thursday, April 22 2010

Consumers can't get enough of their iPhones, and Apple appeals to everyone from tech-savvy teens to top executives with the multifunctional device. But the upcoming 4G version of the smartphone may renew the business world's love of iPhones with its updated social networking and video conferencing features. Read

A Digital 'I Do': Couple Weds Via Web Conference

Wednesday, April 21 2010

Newlyweds stranded in Dubai sounds sort of romantic. But its disastrous when it means loved ones miss vows and months of wedding planning goes to waste - unless, of course, a tech-savvy bystander is around to save the day. Read

Leaders in Healthcare Save Time and Money with Web Conferencing

Monday, April 19 2010

The MetLife slogan asks, "have you met my life today?" Now, the company is showing clients and employees it understands they lead busy lives by embracing video conferencing software, reports Computerworld. Read