Green Conferencing News

If your business or organization is making an effort to reduce your carbon footprint and become a sustainable green business, looking into Video and Web Conferencing is a step in the right direction. Get access to the latest “Green” Conferencing news and learn how thousands of businesses are already using Video and Web Conferencing to reduce their carbon footprint, become greener, save money and work more effectively.

Video conferencing technology helps your business go green

Wednesday, July 24 2013

Many businesses are searching for ways to go green and reduce pollution. Read

Video conferencing helps businesses protect the environment

Tuesday, June 18 2013

Cutting-edge video conferencing technology has many benefits for small businesses. Read

Recent federal webinar focused on biofuel

Friday, November 16 2012

Federal and state agencies have begun using video conferencing software more frequently to update American citizens on government activities. Read

What makes video conferencing software eco-friendly?

Monday, October 29 2012

In an effort to reduce their carbon emissions, some business have begun using video conference software for many of their meetings. Read

Use of conferencing technology grows across industry lines

Wednesday, August 15 2012

At one point video technology was seen as the way of the future, but it had an elitist quality to it, thanks to its pricetag. Read

Finding green ways to work

Thursday, August 9 2012

Collaboration and team-building are essential to driving progress internally, but when an organization wants to be as progressive as possible, it must look at environmental initiatives as well. Read

Going green with conferencing

Monday, July 30 2012

One of the leading concerns of modern organizations is protecting the environment, but initiatives serving that end also benefit the company in terms of cost savings in the longrun. Read

Online meetings reduce business expenses

Wednesday, July 11 2012

There is no good substitute for a face-to-face conversation. That's why companies shouldn't skimp when it comes to investing in video conferencing tools, even if the initial expense may seem high. Read

Make your business green and profitable with video conferencing

Monday, March 12 2012

A recent survey conducted by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reveals that video conferencing software has the ability to cut expenses, increase profits and make your business green. Read

The Department of the Interior may reduce travel costs, increase video conferencing

Friday, January 13 2012

The Department of the Interior could stand to save millions of dollars and reduce carbon emissions if it uses video conferencing technology to cut back on travel, according to the Inspector General's report. Read

Transportation going green with video conferencing

Wednesday, January 11 2012

Centralizing communications centers and providing multiple video conferencing sites can help transportation fleets follow green initiatives. Read

Reportlinker releases a new global video conferencing industry report

Thursday, December 8 2011

Reportlinker, an online database of industry reports, company profiles and market statistics, announced the release of a new market research report in the category Global Video Conferencing Industry. Read

To be green or not to be green

Monday, November 7 2011

The push to be more green has turned into a requirement for many companies. Read

Video conferencing, by nature, is a green technology

Thursday, September 1 2011

Video conferencing, by design, is a green technology. Read

Some overlooked qualities of video conferencing

Thursday, August 25 2011

Video conferencing has been discussed in terms of business interactions for years. Read

Small businesses can save money and go green with a high-end telepresence

Thursday, June 23 2011

One of the most important tasks for any small business that is just earning its commercial wings is to reduce any unnecessary costs. Read

Reflecting on Earth Day

Monday, April 25 2011

During Earth Day, people are given the opportunity to reflect on what they have accomplished during the past year to help protect the environment. Read

Carbon-intensive flying is out as more businesses adopt video conferencing

Monday, March 7 2011

More companies are making changes in the way that they do business. Read

Chinese company going green with videoconferencing

Monday, February 28 2011

It looks like more and more businesses are going green by tuning into their monitors for company meetings. Read

Video conferencing is a green solution to business travel

Monday, January 31 2011

The benefits of video conferencing are virtually endless, especially when it comes to saving a little extra green in the professional world. Read

Manitoba implements province-wide telepresence network

Thursday, January 27 2011

The Canadian province of Manitoba is working to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing a widespread telepresence network that will let universities throughout the region communicate with one another via video conferencing systems. Read

Law firm implements 'iLawyer' video conferencing system

Wednesday, September 29 2010

One innovative law firm in Colorado is using video conferencing to help clients secure legal representation. Read

Going green with video conferencing is good for a business' bottom line

Thursday, September 9 2010

It's a question that has weighed on the minds of businesses ever since the first evidence of global warming appeared - how important should it be for companies to focus on reducing their carbon footprints? Read

Video conferencing saves time, trees and travel hassles

Monday, August 30 2010

We all know that video conferencing is great for your wallet. It saves money by cutting down on travel expenses and gives you back time you might have otherwise spent in transit, making you more productive. But did you know that video conferencing is also great for the environment? Read

Video conferencing is great for companies - and for the environment

Friday, August 20 2010

Video conferencing is an excellent solution to a number of business issues. It makes communication with distant colleagues and partners easier and quicker, allows employees to work from home without missing out on office camaraderie and lets families and friends stay in touch even over long distances. But those aren't the only benefits that video conferencing offers. It's also great for the environment. Read

Study finds consumers prefer green businesses, such as those that use videoconferencing

Tuesday, July 20 2010

Most people know that going green is good for the environment - but it can also be good for business. Research has shown that customers are attracted to businesses that are doing their part to go green, including businesses that use video conferencing. Read

Video conferencing helps lead the way in cutting carbon emissions

Monday, June 14 2010

Video conferencing technology is helping many companies reduce their environmental impact and cut travel costs at the same time. The Financial Times reports that video conferencing is one of the innovations leading the "IT for green" movement, which uses technology to create sustainability outside the normal realm of IT. Read

National Australia Bank uses web conferencing in new green strategy

Monday, June 7 2010

Web conferencing technology and a new energy efficient plant have allowed the National Australia Bank to save millions of dollars and save more than 20,000 tons of carbon emissions, according to Read

Tommy Hilfiger reduces carbon footprint with web conferencing

Thursday, June 3 2010

Global fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger is using a new video conferencing system to reduce time and money spent on travel while also shrinking its carbon footprint, according to to AV Magazine. Read

Lenovo laptops give web conferencing a green edge

Friday, April 23 2010

Businesses are not exempt from helping the environment. In fact, there is an increasing awareness in the business community about the need for eco-friendly corporate practices. says businesses are the top consumers in the information technology hardware industry, so they can help shape a green direction for manufacturers by making sustainable choices. Read