Chinese company going green with videoconferencing

Monday, February 28 2011

It looks like more and more businesses are going green by tuning into their monitors for company meetings. Shanghai SIIC Transportations Electric Company recently held a conference with its 200 staff members across China through videoconferencing, according to TMCNET.

The green technology is an interactive form of telecommunication wherein two or more participants can send and receive live audio and video transmissions. Not only was videoconferencing used by SSTEC to endorse the ever increasing role of technology to promote environmental awareness, the application of online communication also cut corporate travel costs of 200 businesspeople who would've been flown into their headquarters, according to the news report.

Rounding up such a huge number of personnel not only would have been costly without videoconferencing, the effects of transporting and housing them could also have effects to the environment. The benefits of the technology can be seen in this instance and more businesses are realizing the potential of not only reducing their expenses and increasing efficiency but also transforming their organizations into eco-conscious companies.