Church group uses video conferencing for prayer

Thursday, September 16 2010

A new type of organization is getting involved in video conferencing - churches.

Seventh-Day Adventist leaders from around the country met earlier this week for prayer and business via video conferencing, without ever leaving their homes. Church president Ted N. C. Wilson led the group in prayer for 15 minutes before getting down to a discussion about church expansion plans.

The technology is a major boon to churches, which, as nonprofit organizations, often operate on small budgets.

"We're saving hundreds of thousands a year," Joseph Davis, the church headquarters audio-visual engineer, told the Adventist News Network.

Many churchgoers are hoping to see the technology become even more ubiquitous.

"We have to expand," added Mark Lindemann, a 30-year marketing veteran and audio-visual assistant at the church's headquarters. "There's no reason every department director and vice president shouldn't have this capability on their computer."

Many different groups are beginning to take advantage of video conferencing technology. Everybody from prisons to hospitals are using the technology to communicate remotely with people who may be thousands of miles away.