Clear the background before a video conference

Tuesday, June 25 2013

Video conferencing technology is beneficial for professionals who frequently work from home and still need to communicate with in-office associates and clients. Staying at home can be great for productivity, but the practice doesn't always give off the most professional appearance, especially when contacts can actually see into the house.

Indeed, video conferencing software allows your associates and customers to peer into your private residence when you telecommute. You must give off a professional appearance and show participants that you're working in a distraction-free environment.

To that end, The Next Web recommends cleaning the room in which you'll conduct your video conference so that your house appears tidy. It's not necessary to organize your entire house, simply open the software and see what the area looks like behind you. If there are any unnecessary items in the frame, move them until they're out of view.

What's more, you should make sure that your walls are clear before the meetings. If there are posters or other decorations in the background, participants will likely be distracted and won't have much to add to the overall discussion.