Clients must be mindful of physical restrictions to video conferencing

Monday, August 6 2012

It may be simple enough to turn on a web camera attached to a laptop or sitting on top of a computer monitor, but enterprise-level audio and video conferencing solutions require more advanced solutions. For these larger scale projects, considering the multitude of factors at work in a meeting software system should be at the forefront of their minds when shopping for tools.

AV Network wrote that room size and portability needs can be just as crucial to success as the compatibility of different software and the ease of use these systems provide. Companies may jump on the cheapest option they encounter, but that does not necessarily make it the best one available to them. Creating an inefficient or cumbersome solution in the workplace can actually handicap collaboration tools and make employees less like to use them.

Tech Target added that workers are always looking for these solutions to be more flexible and aren't as concerned about cost-effectiveness as management might be. For that reason, it's essential to find a middle ground between price and productivity in order to ensure the best adoption and highest return on investment, both for the company as a whole and the individuals it encompasses.