Companies continue to invest in video conferencing equipment

Wednesday, August 31 2011

Video conferencing has already become a vital communication tool for businesses around the world. Investing in video conferencing has skyrocketed in the past year and has helped reduce travel costs for companies that rely on networking with their partners, clients and company branches on a daily basis.

According to Infonetics, enterprises will spend roughly $5 billion on video conferencing equipment systems by 2015.

Companies have increased their spending on the communication tool and are embracing the benefits of real-time visual communication technologies. In many instances, budgets are being limited and business travel is become less frequent. However, the need to maintain client relations is still necessary for the success of any corporation.

The emergence of video conferencing has filled that gap by offering a platform to connect to and collaborate with other offices without having to travel long distances. Unlike similar technology from the past, many new video conferencing providers offer software-based conferencing. Companies such as MegaMeeting help install video conferencing technology in business around the country and introduce them to new communication methods that, in the end, save them money.