Complete a self evaluation after a web conference

Thursday, February 21 2013

Even if a web meeting might seem like an overwhelming success, there is always room for improvement. Web conferencing software provides incredible opportunities to speakers and participants, and moderators who perform self evaluations after online gatherings can deliver quality results in future sessions. 

Check out the following tips to complete a successful self evaluation after a web conference. 

1. Take notes throughout the session - Presenters have plenty on their plates during web conferences, but try to take notes throughout the gathering if possible. A few simple words or phrases could help you remember points in the session where audience members seemed engaged or disinterested. Review the notes after the meeting and consider how you could have delivered specific information differently to make improvements for future sessions.

2. Examine the presentation from attendees' perspectives - Audience members can provide valuable feedback after web meetings, and a successful self evaluation should include assessing your materials from a participant's point of view. Review the presentation from the perspective of an attendee who just left the gathering to learn more about the effectiveness of conference displays. 

3. Complete the assessment immediately - Don't wait to conduct a self assessment. After the meeting concludes, find a quiet area where you can examine your materials and perform the evaluation.