Complete a successful video conference rehearsal

Wednesday, March 6 2013

A video conference is a big deal for participants, including speakers who must  present a wide range of charts, diagrams and graphs. Rehearsing the presentation in advance delivers numerous benefits to moderators, as these professionals can get comfortable with the software and tools at their disposal. 

Check out the below tips to conduct a successful video meeting rehearsal. 

1. Be flexible - It is unlikely that your video conference run-through will be perfect the first time, so be prepared to make adjustments as necessary. Dedicate extra time to presentation areas that involve complex topics, as these sections could require additional resources to explain in detail. 

2. Give yourself plenty of time - A successful rehearsal should take place at least 24 hours prior to the live video conference. As it gets closer to the actual meeting, you'll have less time to implement changes. 

3. Remain diligent - View the rehearsal as an opportunity to improve. Evaluate the presentation from a participant's perspective to ensure that every discussion point makes sense. Additionally, take notes throughout the practice meeting and review these materials afterward to develop a quality presentation.