Conferencing to promote collaboration

Thursday, July 12 2012

When a business spans across different states and even around the world, it's not always possible to have everyone in the same room. That doesn't mean there isn't a need for everyone to get together and discuss important business matters, and doing that on the phone or through emails is not always as effective as an open forum.

For that reason, companies are turning to web conferencing tools to help people communicate more effectively no matter where they are. This technological option is being sought by more industries as the reach of individual corporations grows, enhancing the need for personnel to talk openly but limiting their ability otherwise to do so. Online meetings with video connectivity give people the tools to reach out and speak face-to-face with one another that they otherwise never would.

"This was my first time at a video conferencing session and I'll be doing it again," said Maryann Small, of Atlantic Federal Credit Union, in an interview with CU Insight. "I felt like I was sitting with the group. We were able to fully participate in the session."