Connecting online a boon to younger patients

Thursday, August 23 2012

Most people don't like taking the time out of their day to go see a doctor, even for something serious, and routine check ups can be a hassle at the best of times. To combat this lack of interest in personal health, web conferencing tools let doctors meet with patients remotely, rather than spending a lot of time at the office or averting the whole affair.

The Guardian wrote that these tools are also very useful in areas where few medical facilities or practitioners exist. Adding to the long wait at the office would be an even longer drive, further reducing the likelihood of palliative care. In some cases, those recently discharged are even given laptops to monitor their health status, so doctors can connect with them quickly for questions and concerns, rather than an hour in the car beforehand. This is particularly useful as well with younger patients who aren't yet as concerned about their health as older people.

Doctors are also able to meet with one another to discuss patients and treatments, Equities wrote. Having everyone on the same page results in better comprehensive care, making web conferencing an integral part of the healthcare system in some places.