Consider your surroundings during a video conference

Wednesday, December 5 2012

Video conferencing is helpful for many businesses because it enables remote workers to interact with peers from across the globe. However, an online meeting should be approached in the same way you might treat a traditional, face-to-face interaction, and your surroundings should be a strong consideration.

Check out the following tips to enhance your setting before you participate in a video conference.

1. Go to a quiet area - Few things are worse than noisy environments that can distract meeting attendees. Find a quiet office or workspace to participate in the meeting to avoid disturbances.

2. Turn off your cell phone - Keep your cell phone off during web conferences. A cell phone's loud ringtone or its vibrations could distract you during the meeting, but you can turn off the device to prevent these potential issues.

3. Sit directly in front of the camera - If you sit directly in front of the camera, participants will be able to clearly see you throughout the meeting. Place your camera in a safe spot and test it before the meeting to ensure it is working properly.