Current solutions need upgrades to make the most of webinars

Wednesday, July 25 2012

Businesses know that audio and video conferencing tools can add a whole new level of connectivity and productivity for employee use. These utilities also save employers a good amount of money, as a recent study by GetThere found. However, more organizations could enjoy these benefits if they would invest in better collaboration tools.

IT Pro reported that a Virgin Media Business research study found 80 percent of respondents were concerned that new video conferencing enhancements were superior to their available hardware. These organizations were continuing to use sub-par programs because the tools at their disposal aren't good enough to support high-definition video feeds or large amounts of bandwidth at a time.

Michael Vizard of IT Business Edge said that new moves in inter-operability can help resolve these issues, however. Where once an organization running on an older versions of software was unreachable to other companies, those who do invest in new software solutions can procure version that will let them interact with those still in the web conferencing dark ages, so that their employees won't be robbed of valuable communication opportunities.