Cutting edge bakeries use video conferencing for remote cake orders

Wednesday, December 14 2011


Carlo's Bakery, the famed bakery of Buddy Vastro in Hoboken, New Jersey, demonstrated the innovation of video conferencing technology in its own creative fashion by crafting realistic replicas of the telecommunication tools. The recipient of the cakes, a service provider company of video conferencing systems, met with the bakers through online meetings to explain the specifications of the particular order.

In a special segment on TLC's popular reality show, The Cake Boss, Buddy Vastro highlighted his bakery's performance abilities and the budding innovations - such as video conferencing - that he is putting into his bakery.

Carlo's Bakery is only one of many bakeries that realized the advanced capabilities of a video conferencing service and its ability to expand clientele by offering virtual consultations. Customers can explain to the bakers the exact specifications and even demonstrate with visual examples.

For clients seeking a specialty cake for a wedding, special birthday celebration, anniversary or graduation, they can track down high-demand bakeries such as Carlo's even if they live hundreds of miles away. As long as the baker offers delivery services, the cake can be theirs with a simple video conferencing consultation.