Delivery options: Connecting restaurant staff

Monday, June 18 2012

The food service industry is one of the most fast-paced and time-sensitive lines of work. Whether it's planning a menu, scheduling shifts or coordinating catering, getting team members together is crucial to provide delicious, creative and perfectly prepared meals. However, when multiple locations and long hours are part of the equation, getting everybody on the same page can be tough.

In light of this, many restaurants - both independent and franchised - are utilizing web conferencing as a way of ensuring that chefs, sous-chefs, runners, waiters and managers are able to stay in touch wherever they are.

For example, national chain Pizzeria Uno has been using the technology to help organize meetings about menus and drink options.

"It's the ability to communicate with these large groups of people in a really economical way where we can do calls with 200 people or more … rather than communicating these messages over and over in smaller groups," Alan LaBatte, Uno's vice president of information systems, told Tech Target.

Restaurants like Uno across the country are finding that using video conferencing to connect their employees and management teams can with communication, leaving more time to focus on the food