Desktop video conferencing can be a batter alternative to enterprise systems

Tuesday, April 26 2011

Enterprise video conferencing systems are often prone to scheduling issues. Companies normally only have a handful of conference rooms dedicated solely to the technology, and employees looking to use the infrastructure normally have to go through some sort of scheduling system. This can become a hassle, especially if many are in queue to use equipment.

This type of video conferencing system normally needs dedicated staff members not only for scheduling purposes, but also for maintenance and call setup. This eats away the resources that may otherwise be used somewhere else for productivity.

This can especially be harmful to smaller businesses that need staff members to focus on other crucial aspects of the company as opposed to tinkering away and troubleshooting video conferencing issues. This is why PC-based video conferencing might just be a better alternative.

Employees who need to use the technology can easily do so using their own work computer without the need to go through the hassles of scheduling. At the same time, individuals in charge of the technology can be used in other areas of the company instead, streamlining their responsibilities and potentially increasing their productivity.