Determine the length of a video conference

Wednesday, February 13 2013

Video conferencing software enables users to interact with each other for hours, but increasing a meeting's duration does not necessarily guarantee it will be a quality gathering. Check out the following tips to determine how long your video meeting should be. 

1. Research the discussion topics - A typical meeting features a presentation, discussion and question-and-answer session. Examine the primary topics you would like to review during the meeting and develop an outline to better understand how much time should be allocated to specific sections. 

2. Take a cautious approach - Err on the side of caution by devoting extra time to the meeting's start and conclusion. Presenters can dedicate additional resources toward capturing audience members' attention at the beginning and finish the session with a thought-provoking question or statement.

3. Understand the time constraints - Every participant has other responsibilities that he or she will need to attend to during the day. Consider audience members' schedules when developing your presentation. While every query cannot necessarily be answered during the session, speakers can give their contact information to participants so that these attendees can have their concerns addressed after the conference.