Develop a web meeting agenda

Wednesday, December 12 2012

A web meeting presenter can provide an agenda that features a wide variety of information for participants. This outline can be distributed via email before a meeting, and can include some of the following elements:

1. Discussion topics - An agenda helps participants understand exactly what will be discussed during the meeting. Major items should take top priority and be discussed first, while minor points can be talked about as the meeting progresses.

2. Start and closing times - Many employees have busy work schedules, and staff members who know when the meeting starts and the anticipated end time can better map out their work shifts.

3. Meeting participants - Certain presenters may deliver valuable information, and each web meeting attendee should know who will be involved in the gathering. Additionally, participants can be provided with details about the number of attendees and presentation themes.

4. Logical flow - A web meeting should feature a logical flow of information. For example, some business leaders include a follow-up section in their agendas to ensure that they discuss important points that they could not talk about in detail at a previous meeting.