Do eating and video conferencing mix?

Thursday, August 8 2013

Because video conferencing technology allows users to conduct meetings from any location, some employees eat during their conversations. According to No Jitters, it's quite common for professionals to enjoy a meal or small snack during digital gatherings. The practice is even more common among remote contacts because some people might stay at work late for scheduled appointments and be late for dinner.

The news source explains that the sight and sound of someone eating shouldn't disrupt your presentation. One strategy for speaking uninterrupted is to pretend that you're talking to an associate over lunch so you feel comfortable.

Additionally, you have to adhere to certain etiquette if you're the one who's eating during a video conference. For instance, if you're opening a bag of chips, turn off your microphone so that other participants so don't have to listen to you crinkling the bag and crunching while you chew.

Ultimately, eating will like be a regular part of your video conferences. There's no reason to be offended because an associate has a small snack while discussing important matters with you and other colleagues. The practice is no different than the standard dinner meeting so there's no cause of concern.