Do you have to follow the script during a webinar?

Monday, July 8 2013

Before using video conferencing technology to host a webinar, a speaker will usually spend days writing scripts and perfecting his or her presentation. This is to ensure that the proceedings run smoothly and are a beneficial for all participants.

Some presenters stick to their scripts for the duration of their webinars. Prepared remarks are effective for remembering what topics will be covered and how the conference will unfold. However, reading directly from a script can also hamstring the presentation because hosts won't be able to adapt to what audience members are saying. To combat this issue, Leah Jones, founder of Natiiv Arts & Media, told GigaOM that professionals should be ready to speak without any assistance.

"Be prepared to go off-script and off-presentation. While I make the presentations available before the webinar and provide a recording after, I think it is my ability and willingness to go off-script during the ongoing Q&A that makes the webinars really work, " said Jones.

Familiarize yourself with the material to ensure that you can speak knowledgeably without the script. Focus on key aspects that audience members will likely ask about during the webinar so you won't be caught off guard.