Doctors turn to online tools for patient outreach

Tuesday, August 7 2012

Finding ways to connect with the sickest patients is essential for doctors, as few make house calls anymore and not all people are able to get out of the house when they're most in need of medical attention. Being able to speak with patients is one thing, but having audio and video conferencing tools allows them to see them as well, a highly important part of the diagnosis process.

ARN Net reported for Ovum, a technology analysis firm, that an emerging field in the healthcare industry is taking shape as modern tools step in to assist with facilitating around-the-clock as well as around-the-world care. E-health initiatives are gaining momentum with doctors and clinicians across the country, connecting patients with practitioners whenever they need them without having to struggle to leave their homes.

Health Tech Zone pointed out that these utilities also allow people to get wellness information, avoiding emergency care and making a healthier population. Tools like these are already in place at key medical learning institutions like Boston Children's Hospital and Louisiana State University, so clinicians are familiar and comfortable with the technology as part of their everyday activities. The scope and reach of these tools is enormous, creating a culture that seeks out video conferencing applications to make keeping in touch with the people they need to speak with much easier.