Don't make unnecessary sounds during video conferences

Wednesday, June 19 2013

Video conferencing technology has become a fixture in the corporate world. With a network-connected device and a communication application, professionals can contact all of their associates and clients are the world. As a result, employees have had to learn how to behave when participating in digital meetings. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of using video conferencing software is knowing when to talk and when to be silent. When questions aren't directed at you, don't chime in because you feel left out. What's more, a report from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies states that you should limit excess noise by avoiding distracting behaviors, such as rifling through your notes. 

Additionally, Inc. Magazine recommends typing as little as possible because your computer's microphone will pick up the sound from your keyboard. As with real meetings, your phone should be put on silent so that the ringer doesn't distract during the proceedings. 

You must be respectful of other participants during video conferences. Avoid making noise so that other speakers can ask questions and explain certain topics without having to shout so they can be heard. Ultimately, limiting noise will ensure that the meetings will be successful.