Don't move during video conferences

Wednesday, June 19 2013

Video conferencing technology streamlines communication so that professionals can easily contact their co-workers or clients to discuss important matters. For instance, an employee in New York may need to discuss a contract with a client in Houston, but there's no money in the budget to travel and some topics are too in-depth to speak about over the phone. With video conferencing software, the two parties can interact face to face and the representative can use screen-sharing features to display the contract to the buyer. 

However, some participants hurt the effectiveness of digital meetings by distracting others. In most cases, these negative behaviors are unintentional, but participants still want to focus on the matter at hand, not what someone else is doing on camera. 

According to Inc. Magazine, you should avoid moving around while in a video conference. Constant movements will distract from the discussion and the meeting will ultimately be a fruitless exercise. The news source explains that you express yourself with hand gestures, practice keeping them down so you aren't moving frequently in front of the camera. Try to remain still for the duration of the conference.