Don't stammer during webinars

Wednesday, June 26 2013

Video conferencing technology allows professionals to conduct webinars with worldwide audiences. Presenters can teach viewers about any topic and establish connections with participants. The sessions are beneficial as they show that a business provides valuable information and is willing to help consumers learn.

Webinar hosts face difficult challenges when presenting to a digital audience. Public speaking is a tough task when there's only a small in-person group, but webinars usually attract dozens of participants, which can exacerbate concerns and fears. As a result, some speakers might stammer and trip over their words throughout the proceedings.

According to eLearn Magazine, presenters should actively avoid using filler words like "um," "uh" and "hmmm." A webinar is supposed to be a professional event so audience members expect hosts to deliver polished speeches that don't include any hiccups. If a presentation is mostly comprised of meaningless sounds, viewers will likely stop paying attention or even close their software.

The only way to combat this problem is to practice multiple times leading up to the webinar. Go over your speech and film yourself so you can see how you appear and sound on camera.