Don't wear patterned clothing during a video conference

Tuesday, August 13 2013

A common issue that many employees have is wondering what to wear when they use video conferencing technology. Obviously, professional attire is required when participating in digital meetings with colleagues and clients, but there are some lingering questions about which specific garments should be worn and which ones should be left in the closet.

According to Mashable, the key is to avoid patterned clothing at all costs. While a shirt's design may look great to your in-office associates, it'll look "messy" to online contacts, the news source explains. Webcams can't pick up fine details so the pattern becomes an unrecognizable distortion of itself when broadcasted to remote meeting participants.

Further, Mashable notes that you shouldn't wear a patterned outfit and sit in front of a patterned background. The two designs will clash and appear muddled to others. Aside from being a visual nightmare, the combination will also be a massive distraction and prevent your associates from focusing on the meeting.

If you're going to be video conferencing, wear a plain outfit. A shirt or dress that only features a single color won't disrupt the meeting or bother your colleagues.