Enjoy a fast start to your webinar

Wednesday, January 16 2013

Webinar speakers deliver information about a wide range of topics, and a fast start is ideal forpresenters. By starting quickly, moderators can easily get to their meat of their presentations and promote discussions among attendees.

Check out the following tips to enjoy a fast start to your web meeting.

1. Develop an engaging lead - How you open your presentation will influence audience members. Attendees are likely to be engaged if you draw their interest early in the meeting. Opening a webinar with an example or a question may help you getparticipants' attention.

2. Speak clearly - While it is important to inform attendees about specific topics in a presentation, you must speak slowly and clearly so they can fully understand materials provided during the meeting. Practice in advance if you are worried about talking too fast, as you can become a better speaker before the gathering.

3. Educate attendees - Audience members rarely like to be kept guessing, and giving them details about the meeting's purpose and a brief outline could help draw their interest. Notify participants about the primary discussion points of the webinar so that they will know exactly what to expect.