Financial professionals turn to video conferencing technology

Tuesday, July 23 2013

Video conferencing technology is a beneficial resource for companies in every industry. Professionals can use the communications system to connect directly with their colleagues and clients from around the world. Recently, digital meeting solutions have proven effective in the financial sector. According to Accounting Today, many certified public accountants and tax professionals have turned to video conferencing software.

For instance, Lynn Schmidt of Lynco Financial & Tax Services has been using the technology for since 2009. She stated that the platform is beneficial because she works in Florida and some of her clients travel throughout the year. The technique has proven so successful that Schmidt has included her video conferencing information on her company's website.

The news source explains that video conferencing enhances many aspects of the accountant-client relationship. Chief among these benefits is that consumers can continue working with their financial professionals after relocating.

Additionally, the technology allows tax experts to speak with clients while reviewing their returns. A client can email the necessary documentation to a company and a representative can go over the files while video conferencing. This streamlined approach can allow accountants to save time and meet with more clients every day.