Find a font for video conference displays

Wednesday, December 26 2012

With video conferencing, presenters can deliver various materials to attendees, including charts and graphs. The information on these displays is useful, but participants must see it clearly to fully grasp its value.

The fonts that video conference speakers use with their displays can influence the quality of a presentation. Consider the following tips to find a font that works well for a web meeting.

1. Use larger text - A bigger font is usually ideal for video conferences because it helps ensure that all presenters can easily read the text. However, keep in mind that an extremely large font can limit the amount of information you can deliver in a slide.

2. Select a style - Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman are just a few of the font styles available for displays. Choose a font style that matches your preferences and is easy for attendees to read. The font color can also be changed if necessary.

3. Remain consistent - Use the same font throughout your presentation to give it a professional, high-quality appearance. Attendees can collect valuable information from easy-to-read diagrams that could help them complete their everyday tasks.