Finish your webinar with a call to action

Wednesday, January 9 2013

Speakers may have no trouble developing webinar materials or making their presentations, but the conclusion can sometimes be tricky. Summarizing a vast array of content might seem difficult at first, but a call to action is often a great choice for speakers.

With a call to action, web meeting presenters encourage participants to take steps to promote the main themes presented during the gathering. The following tips highlight ways that speakers can create effective calls to action.

1. Bookend the meeting - Conclusions that are directly related to the opening of a web meeting may help audience members fully understand the main discussion points. Consider the beginning of the presentation to develop a call to action that corresponds to the meeting's purpose.

2. Promote future success - Encourage audience members to take steps that could help them succeed moving forward. The meeting was held for a specific reason, and informing participants about how they can use the presentation materials is helpful during calls to action.

3. Take a direct approach - Leave no room for misinterpretations when delivering a call to action. The message should be clear, concise and direct, so avoid passive verbs if possible when addressing clients or employees.