Fitting yoga into a busy schedule

Friday, June 15 2012

Staying active and incorporating fitness into our daily routines are both key to a healthy lifestyle, but can sometimes be difficult to wedge into a busy life. Crowded gyms and long commutes can be easy reasons to forgo exercise for one more day.

A new method for taking fitness classes from the home or office could be a way to fit time for exercise into even the most hectic schedule. People across the country are finding that video conferencing can offer an alternative to attending a gym class or following an impersonal pre-taped video. One popular use for this technology is to learn yoga.

The effectiveness of yoga lies in the guidance of an experienced instructor. Without a teacher it is difficult for students to know if they are performing poses and exercises properly - or worse, they can injure themselves. Because of this, it is crucial for someone serious about yoga to get instruction.

Using web conferencing to provide one-on-one or group instruction can minimize these dangers. And unlike a gym, it can be done from home. With just a webcam, a trained professional can provide the technique needed to become an experienced yogi.

Many gyms are beginning to offer yoga via video conferencing as a way of attracting people who are otherwise too busy or distant to attend.