Follow up after a video conference

Wednesday, December 12 2012

Video conferencing connects staff members from different locations, and some companies encourage workers to treat this type of meeting like a face-to-face interaction. In fact, workers can even show their commitment to a company's mission by reaching out to video conference presenters after a meeting.

Consider the following tips to contact presenters at the conclusion of a video conference.

1. Emails - Video conference presenters may provide their email addresses to meeting attendees. Send the presenter a warm, friendly email to get answers to any follow-up questions or show your appreciation for the valuable information that he or she provided.

2. Phone calls - With a phone call, a video conference attendee could spark a conversation with a business leader. The call can be used to show interest in certain topics the presenter discussed during the conference and could help an attendee build a long-term relationship with an expert in his or her field.

3. Surveys - Presenters may send surveys that allow video conference attendees to offer recommendations and suggestions. Complete these evaluations to provide direct feedback that could help these business leaders further enhance the quality of their video conference presentations.